New from Clinique: Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara

New from Clinique: Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara
New from Clinique: Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara
New from Clinique: Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara

Customizable volume at will thanks to Clinique Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara

Mascara is the essential makeup bag tool ! It allows to lengthen the eyelashes, to increase their volume and to make the look much more sparkling. However, not all mascaras offer the same result.

Some allow you to stay very natural. Others, on the other hand, offer a look of dolls or real doe eyes. So what if you don’t want to buy 10 different mascaras tubes? Clinique has the solution! The brand has just revolutionized the world of make-up by creating the most revolutionary tube of mascara on the market. Focus on Clinique’s Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara.

The innovative system of Clinique Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara

The Lash Power Flutter-To-Full is probably one of the beauty products the most anticipated of the year, and for good reason!

It has a particularly innovative bottle! This is a fully adjustable mascara that will allow you to modulate the volume you want to bring to your eyelashes. In other words, the quantity of product that it delivers is totally adjustable. To do this, you just have to twist the barrel of your mascara and place it on one of the three available settings. Indeed, three positions will allow you to obtain a more or less intense gaze.

Depending on the position chosen, you will not get the same degree of lubrication from your brush and therefore not the same rendering on your eyes. Therefore, the amount of product supplied on your applicator from one mode to another varies considerably depending on your choice. Know that whatever the volume chosen, the Mascara Lash Power Flutter-To-Full leaves no clump and dries very quickly. Thus, it will allow you to apply several layers with extraordinary speed. Its brush, meanwhile, has a fairly thin end which allows precise makeup, especially at the angle of the gaze as well as on the row of lower lashes.

Our little tips for using your Clinique mascara properly

In addition to this amazing new dosage, know that there are some small makeup artist techniques to increase the effect of your mascara. If you want to favor the length and thickness of your eyelashes, play on the contrasts between the lower part of your eye and the upper part. In other words, to enlarge and awaken your eyes, use a maximum of volume on your upper lashes and a minimum on your lower lashes …

A real child’s play thanks to the Lash Power Flutter-To-Full Mascara from the Clinique brand ! If you want your lashes to curl properly, apply mascara on top of your lashes as well as underneath.

On the other hand, do this technique only on the upper part of your eyes at the risk of accentuating your dark circles. Finally, be aware that having a small brush such as the Mascara Lash Power Flutter-To-Full allows the lashes to separate well, which tends to create a softer and more natural look.

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