Idylle, Guerlain’s olfactory love story

Idylle, Guerlain’s olfactory love story
Idylle, Guerlain's olfactory love story
Idylle, Guerlain‘s olfactory love story

Idyll… This one word is enough to arouse emotions and convey a strong message. With him, Guerlain gives us the feminine scent of a fresh rose. For once, we are far from the famous guerlinade but closer to a sensual embrace.

Romance according to Guerlain

Many of the Guerlain brand perfumes are inspired by a love story. They evoke a smile, a look, a caress on the skin,… They are tributes to women loved and admired. They express fascination and sensuality. This time, with Idylle, it is about a dream of love suspended in time. Its intoxicating scent celebrates the relationship between two beings. It evokes desire, intensity and eternity. This perfume has everything to please, whether it is its subtle scent, its magnificent bottle or its beautiful muse. No wonder then that its success has been around the world since its release in 2009.

The captivating scent of an Idyll

Thierry Wasser, perfumer in charge of the creation of the Idylle perfume, had just been a father when he developed this juice. Also, it would seem that he put all his budding love through this essence. This one is delicate and voluptuous. It is expressed mainly around roses. Indeed, Idylle brings together different families and different qualities. These seem to enrich each other and respond to each other. They are sometimes fresh, syrupy or even fruity. In addition, they are enriched with chypre, patchouli and white musk. The rendering then becomes all the more sensual. Likewise, this bouquet of subtle flowers is embellished with lily of the valley, jasmine, peony, lilac and freesia for even more lightness. There is no doubt that Idylle is, as its name suggests, a nectar of love.

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