IKKS Baby… Toddlers finally have their scent!

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IKKS Baby… Toddlers finally have their scent!
IKKS Baby… Toddlers finally have their scent!

IKKS is clothing that is comfortable, light, modern and trendy. It was in the Pays de la Loire region that the brand was founded in 1987 by Gérard Le Goff. Faced with growing success, IKKS moved to Belgium by creating a junior boutique. The latter’s bold style immediately appeals to the new generation of children and adolescents. After the success of its first perfumes, the brand innovates by presenting “IKKS Baby” , scented water for toddlers.

With IKKS Baby, babies claim their independence

It was Dior who innovated the first by presenting a perfume for babies in 1970, “Dior Baby”. Of course, it was a very low alcohol cologne. Unfortunately, this baby water did not meet with the expected success. It was not until the end of the 80s, with Annick Goutal’s scented water, who offered a very fresh citrus-based water… The fashion was then launched! In 2000, IKKS decided to ride this trend by imagining “IKKS Baby”. This scented water is intended for the little ones, because it does not contain alcohol at all. Ultra delicate, “IKKS Baby” scented water is suitable for all baby skin, even the most delicate. You should know that “IKKS Baby” was not created to mask the smells that emerge from a baby. This scented water brings a little touch of freshness and softness.

IKKS Baby, the scents of our childhood

Thanks to “IKKS Baby”, you will immerse yourself directly in the scents of your childhood . The top notes are very fresh thanks to the aromatic scent of lavender. This is then combined with the original and creamy milk cream as well as a touch of liquorice. The heart contains floral notes thanks to the presence of magnolia and rose, combined with a touch of honey. The base is enveloping thanks to the powdery side of the iris, associated with notes of sandalwood and white musks. The milk-shaped case reveals a glossy white lacquered bottle. The sober and offbeat style of the bottle perfectly matches the values ​​of the IKKS brand.

With “IKKS Baby”, toddlers finally have their scent! This scented water is perfect for water, fresh, light and above all alcohol-free. It has, of course, been designed to never irritate the skin of our little ones. With “IKKS Baby”, the IKKS brand is once again proving its daring and ingenuity.

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