2021 trends in perfumery

2021 trends in perfumery
2016 trends in perfumery
2021 trends in perfumery

Perfume and fashion are two worlds that are intimately linked. Also, perfumery is also evolving according to trends. But then, how to navigate among all the olfactory outings? And above all, what is the current trend in terms of scents?

The 2021 feminine trend

Undeniably, perfume is an accessory that rhymes with sensuality. Indeed, it is considered to be a real weapon of seduction. Also, 2021 will be no exception to the rule. Femininity will be more than ever at the heart of the news. In this sense, the floral scents will beautifully highlight your romantic side while the Orientals will release particularly intoxicating scents. On the other hand, for those who would like above all to have fun, know that fashion is always greedy. Sweet scents are particularly up-to-date and this is a treat that doesn’t make you fat, so make the most of it! Finally, for the summer season, do not hesitate to opt for a fresher and lighter fragrance.

Undeniably, the Poison Girl perfume is the success of the start of 2021 .

Male scents 2021

On the men’s side, we don’t change a winning team. Men still like to highlight their masculinity as much. Also, all their virility is expressed through the woody scents. These are therefore still particularly in vogue. Likewise, their intensity particularly exacerbates the sensuality of those who wear them. In this image, oriental perfumes are also very good allies. They will make you, Gentlemen, born seducers! Finally, do not hesitate to wear fresh and citrus scents when the beautiful days are coming. Indeed, these juices are timeless for the summer season. What is more, they give a particularly dynamic and sporty side, which does not displease the fairer sex.

In terms of men’s perfumes, the Legend Spirit fragrance is making a name for itself .

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