Guerlain Compact Meteorite Powder

Guerlain Compact Meteorite Powder
Guerlain Compact Meteorite Powder
Guerlain Compact Meteorite Powder

Guerlain’s Compact Meteorites reveal the luminosity of your skin

The Guerlain house enjoys exceptional longevity, and some of its products are true legends. Whether in the world of perfumes or makeup, Guerlain promotes the image of French elegance throughout the world. Among the most famous references of the brand, the Meteorites have been talked about for 30 years now. They illuminate the skin and camouflage its small imperfections like any other product. Today, Guerlain has decided to reinterpret these famous little balls and turn them into Compact Meteorites. So let’s take a closer look at what it is …

A look back at the Guerlain meteorites

Before telling you about the new Compact Meteorites , let’s start by taking a quick leap into the past to put things right. We agree, the Guerlain Meteorites are a cult product! Born in 1987, they first appeared as a real UFO in the cosmetics market. Guerlain Meteorites are a loose powder that comes in the form of a multitude of small beads of different colors. Each of the colors of the Meteorites has a very specific function. Some of them camouflage redness. Others reduce the yellow complexion. Still others hide imperfections. Some give more shine …

Result: Meteorites bring out the best of each skin, and naturally reveals the beauty of each woman. To apply makeup with Guerlain Meteorites, all you had to do was roll a brush over the beads to extract a fine, airy powder. Today, it is precisely this presentation and this application that have been reinterpreted.

Compact Meteorites, a new expression of Guerlain’s know-how

From now on, the small beads of the Meteorites are revealed in a new silver palette and are compacted in a compressed powder. The Compact Meteorites are made up of all the pearls of the past from Guerlain, finely pressed to form a sort of mosaic of several luminous shades. Here again, each color has its specificity. Together, the different shades of the Guerlain Compact Meteorites offer a dazzling correction to each skin tone. Compact Meteorites are an impalpable concentrate of softness, light and lightness. Compact Meteorites are available in three different shades to get as close as possible to your skin tone.

Each of them offers its own colors. Pink refreshes the skin. And the mauve catches the light. The iridescent hues amplify the radiance and reveal the beauty. The result is a more uniform, naturally sublimated skin. Also note that the Compact Meteorites from Guerlain benefit from all the brand’s expertise in perfumery. Thus, they are enriched with a subtle scent of violet. Using this product is child’s play. To do this, all you need to do is use the Meteorites brush, and apply this powder evenly over your entire face. Do not hesitate to further accentuate the rounded parts of your skin, for example by drawing a G starting from the center of your forehead towards your cheekbones, the top of your nose and the tip of your chin.

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