The new Touche Eclat High Cover YSL

The new Touche Eclat High Cover YSL
The new Touche Eclat High Cover YSL
The new Touche Eclat High Cover YSL

The Touche Eclat High Cover, the concealer by Yves Saint-Laurent for a radiant face

Preserving all the beauty of your face on a daily basis is no easy task! There is always a small skin defect to mar your pretty face and put you in a bad mood! A sudden fatigue and dark circles appear. A stressful day and little pimples appear. Too much chocolate and it’s still your face that clinks … Fortunately, there is the complexion corrector to help you hide all these little inconveniences! Year after year, the corrector perfects his formula. From now on, it focuses on luminosity, while concealing your imperfections on the face, and preventing their appearance. Focus on the Touche Eclat High Cover by Yves Saint-Laurent.

When Yves Saint-Laurent focuses on the light

To highlight all the beauty of your face, the Yves Saint-Laurent house has chosen to emphasize the luminosity of your skin. For this, Touche Eclat High Cover is able to illuminate the face in a simple swipe. It only takes a few touches of this product here and there on your skin to work real wonders! Presented in a small golden pen, the Touche Eclat High Cover offers a fun and practical application. Therefore, it brings light to your skin and deposits radiance on certain parts of your face, thus reducing shadow areas and signs of fatigue. All that remains is a face that is more harmonious and resplendent with life.

The flawless coverage of Touche Éclat High Cover

To camouflage your skin imperfections, Touche Eclat High Cover offers you flawless coverage. Tenacious and highly pigmented, it adheres perfectly to the face and does not fade over the hours. The Touche Eclat High Cover comes in six different colors, so as to get as close as possible to your natural skin tone. It is therefore very effective, while still preserving a light and airy rendering, without any mask effect. Designed to be used daily, it adapts to all skin types, from the most sensitive to the most oily.

The soothing active ingredients contained in Touche Eclat High Cover

The Touche Eclat High Cover doesn’t stop there and doesn’t just cover your skin. Its formula patented by Yves Saint-Laurent contains many active ingredients of natural origin which sublimate your face and prevent the appearance of skin defects. Rucus extract here alleviates signs of fatigue. Moroccan calendula soothes the skin. To preserve the youthfulness of your face, vitamin E acts here as a powerful antioxidant, also fighting against free radicals. Finally, caffeine further stimulates the microcirculation of your face, for a more radiant glow.

To use the Touche Eclat High Cover by Yves Saint-Laurent , simply press the small cap located on its base. From then on, its foam lead soaks up the right amount of product. The Touche Eclat High Cover is then used like a pen and then fades with your fingertips.

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