Clinic – Superprimer

Clinic – Superprimer
Clinic - Superprimer Universal and Redness
Clinic – Superprimer Universal and Redness

The new SuperPrimer Super Primer from Clinique. 4 shades to best suit all skin tones.

Superprimer Clinic

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Enhance your foundation with the new Clinique bases! The new Superprimers foundation bases lightly prepare the skin for makeup. Their formula without fatty substance improves the texture of the skin and thus allows a uniform application of the foundation.

Clinique Superprimer Foundation

Clinic - Superprimer Discolourations and Dullness
Clinic – Superprimer Discolourations and Dullness

These foundations are available in a universal formula and in three tinted formulas designed for skin requiring specific care:

  • Superprimer Universal Face Primer: a universal, non-tinted formula for all skin types.
  • Superprimer Color Redness: a yellow primer to immediately correct visible redness.
  • Superprimer Color Dullness: a pink-colored primer to correct dull skin for a radiant and fresh complexion.
  • Superprimer Color Discolourations: a peach-colored primer to correct and unify areas of hyperpigmentation, while camouflaging scars for a more even complexion.

Their light texture combined with a powdery finish will leave a veil of softness on the skin. 100% fat free. 100% fragrance-free. Subject to allergy tests.

Tips for using the Superprimer Clinique?

Apply one of these foundation bases after the Basic 3-Step Beauty Program, as well as after the moisturizer adapted to the specific needs of your skin.

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