New perfume Mini Skirt by Courrèges

New perfume Mini Skirt by Courrèges
New perfume Mini Skirt by Courrèges
New perfume Mini Skirt by Courrèges

Mini skirt, a tribute to the revolutionary spirit of Courrèges

The Courrèges house can boast of having transformed the feminine dressing room. Renowned brand characteristic of the 60s, Courrèges liberated women, giving birth to new fashion pieces such as the short coat, skirts above the knees or clothes in more flashy colors. Courrèges is synonymous with an avant-garde spirit and unparalleled cheerfulness. However, one item of clothing in particular has caused a lot of talk about the brand: the miniskirt!

Invented by Mary Quant, the miniskirt has become a real couture garment in the hands of André Courrèges. She revolutionized the fashion of the sixties and seems to be associated with the brand ever since. As if to pay tribute to him, Courrèges has therefore chosen to offer him a perfume today . The new creation of the house is therefore called Mini Skirt.

The highly architectural bottle of Courrèges Mini Jupe perfume

As always, Courrèges has been extravagant in terms of bottles. Thus, its new bottle is reminiscent of that of the previous Hyperbole perfume from 2016 .

Totally anchored in the architectural style of the Courrèges brand, this bottle soars out of a very rectangular block of glass. Thus, it contrasts with many of its predecessors which had a cylindrical base. Mini Skirt plays in the register of simplicity and minimalism. Its very contemporary shape does not lack originality. Its classic-shaped base is surmounted by an oversized ring acting as a cabochon. The volume occupied by this plug is unusual. Likewise, two colors oppose each other.

The transparency of its base reveals a rosé juice. Its spherical cap, meanwhile, is fully opaque and tinted with a white lacquer, perfectly matching the name of this perfume. The visual of this bottle is totally timeless. Its sleek side gives it a very current look. Nevertheless, its particular shape and its geometric oppositions make it an emblematic figure of the 60s and 70s. Coincidence or not: was it not at this time that the miniskirt was created?

The fruity scent composition of the Courrèges Mini Skirt

You will understand, here it is a question of paying tribute to the miniskirt. Yes, but there you have it, the clothes have no smell except that of the fabric… Courrèges has therefore chosen to tackle the sparkling and cheerful image of this garment.

Thus, the brand delivers a particularly playful, fruity, feminine and delicious fragrance. Its freshness first shines through in a citrus duo. Mini Skirt sets off on an assortment of grapefruit and tangerine. This revitalizing freshness is also accentuated by the presence of watermelons, a gourmet fruit but full of water. Jasmine increases the opulence of this fragrance while giving it a strong dose of femininity. The suave vanilla gives it a more syrupy appearance. Finally, the sexy side of the Mini Skirt is reflected in its base. This Courrèges fragrance ends with the very sensual animality of musk.

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