L’Homme Lanvin perfume, a couture piece

L’Homme Lanvin perfume, a couture piece
L'Homme Lanvin perfume, a couture piece
L’Homme Lanvin perfume, a couture piece

L’Homme de Lanvin, a fragrance that resonates like a couture piece

Lanvin l’Homme is a very masculine fragrance that is halfway between the whimsical aspect of man and a certain classicism. It perfectly combines elegance with relaxation and could just as much release its scents on a sportsman than on a businessman. He is not frills and goes to the essentials as if to be more efficient. Likewise, although it saw the light of day in 1997, its bottle offers contemporary lines, both pure and very simple. Its only ambition is then to support the man in his daily life, whatever the circumstances.

Lanvin draws parallels between its clothing collections and its fragrances

Lanvin l’Homme was born in the spirit of Dominique Morlotti’s ready-to-wear creations. Logically, its style is therefore very elegant and contemporary. However, Lanvin’s Man is less formalthan before and a little less wise. He is more free and daring and lets his whimsical side express itself. Also, it perfectly embodies a French art de vivre and takes pleasure in conveying it throughout the world. Moreover, with this essence, Lanvin wanted to play on the correspondences between the field of perfumery and that of sewing. Also, cotton is here symbolized by lavender, raw linen by spices. Cashmere, on the other hand, draws all its softness from sandalwood. Likewise, the bottle lends itself readily to this little game. It has a very simple cut with a perfectly adjusted fall. Her shoulders are unstructured and her silhouette is very flexible. The Lanvin bottle then adopts a deceptively relaxed air. Its blue color is typical of the Lanvin house except that it is somewhat metallic. Its curves and proportions catch the eye with their harmonies. In addition, its fanciful cap amuses us and we like to unpin it to better sprinkle this exquisite fragrance.

L’Homme exudes a floral and woody freshness

Lanvin the Manwas born from the imagination of one of the most recognized perfumers, namely the very famous Alberto Morillas. The latter imagined a freshly ironed white shirt and then wanted to transcribe the smell. The man who wears this shirt is sensual and elegant. What’s more, this outfit suits him perfectly in all circumstances, depending on whether it is paired with jeans or a tuxedo. Lanvin l’Homme gives off a citrus scent. The mandarin then mixes with bergamot and neroli. Then, spices and aromatics make their appearance. Lavender mingles with mint and sage, as well as pepper and cardamom. Likewise, a more sophisticated look contrasts the ensemble thanks to sandalwood, amber and musk. This more animal color is then softened by vanilla. The base draws its strength from an accord of lavender and sandalwood bringing a real breath of freshness. The sensuality of Lanvin l’Homme is exquisite, both intense while remaining light.

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