L’Eau Tan, the new Chanel self-tanner

L’Eau Tan, the new Chanel self-tanner
L'Eau Tan, the new Chanel self-tanner
L’Eau Tan, the new Chanel self-tanner

L’Eau Tan, the new self-tanning mist from Chanel

Many women have very bad memories of the self-tanner. It must be said that, when it appeared on the cosmetics market , it was not really developed! However, today it has greatly evolved. Forget about the sticky and very orange effect of the past. Now, the self-tanner focuses on freshness and offers a slightly golden skin, for a more natural look. In this context, Chanel invites you to discover L’Eau Tan, an airy and delicately scented mist that will illuminate your complexion and make it more radiant.

Eau Tan, a tanning mist with a natural effect

Eau Tan de Chanel is a self-tanning body mist that refreshes while giving you an absolutely splendid golden breath. Its light texture floods your skin as if it had been delicately caressed by the sun and the fresh air. What’s more, L’Eau Tan de Chanel limits any risk of missteps. It can be used at will and creates a really gradual tan. Thus, it is suitable for all skin types and allows you to adjust the desired intensity of tanning according to your skin type but also according to the seasons.

Its formula intensifies the natural pigments of your complexion and also prolongs the tan you obtained during the summer. Chanel Eau Tan provides a very comfortable feeling. Its freshness is immediate and not drying. Finally, for all lovers of the house of Chanel and its perfumes , know that L’Eau Tan has been enriched with a fresh and invigorating, summery and solar flavor, specially developed by Olivier Polge, official nose of the Chanel brand.

Apply the Eau Tan de Chanel well

To obtain a uniform result, the house of Chanel recommends spraying this product liberally on your body, while placing your bottle about 10 cm from your skin. Then all you have to do is distribute its fluid texture evenly over your skin, with your hands. For visible and lasting results, it is recommended to use L’Eau Tan every day until the desired tanning intensity is obtained. Then, to preserve its effect, two to three applications per week are sufficient. What’s more, for an even more radiant and lasting result, Chanel recommends exfoliating your skin before your first application of L’Eau Tan.

This helps rid the top layer of your body of all dead cells that tend to dull and thicken the skin. Be aware that L’Eau Tan is not suitable for all sensitive or irritated skin. Finally, in order not to have ugly unsightly orange marks on your nails, we recommend that you wash your hands well after each application. Likewise, don’t worry if you think you’ve gone a little hard on the self-tanner. Without daily renewal of its application, L’Eau Tan de Chanel fades in just a few days. So it won’t take long to get that coveted tan …

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