Yves Saint Laurent – Rive Gauche for Men

Yves Saint Laurent – Rive Gauche for Men
Yves Saint Laurent - Rive Gauche for Men
Yves Saint Laurent – Rive Gauche for Men

Rive Gauche pour Homme, Yves Saint-Laurent’s new man

Charms, mysteries, attractions but at the same time refinement and elegance would be the watchwords of Yves Saint-Laurent men’s perfumes but also certainly of the men’s haute-couture that the master has distilled over the years. With his opposing forces, Yves Saint-Laurent draws for them with fragrances such as Pour Homme or Jazz, paths where tenderness rivals audacity, or seduction rubs shoulders with reserve. Rive Gauche pour Homme, released in 2003, would certainly be one of them …

But Rive Gauche for men is also the alter ego of the great feminine perfume Rive Gauche released in 1971 . As a result, Rive Gauche pour Homme must carry within itself the revolutionary accents of its chic and shocking companion as much as the brilliant modernities brought by the new millennium. Thus the composition of Rive Gauche pour Homme will play with a delicate retro side of classic fern which will rub shoulders with remarkable brio with the sensualities of very modern exotic wood notes.

Rive Gauche pour Homme declares itself as a fragrance of freedom, and quite logically its visual will be as offbeat as its composition. The Rive Gauche pour Homme man, Solve Sundsbo, seems to be totally assailed by hordes of female hands and yet that doesn’t seem to scare him in the least! The beautiful self-confidence of the Rive Gauche man is unalterable …

“Rive Gauche Pour Homme evokes the confidence of man. A state of mind, an attitude, a way of life, a perfume for men. An invitation to become the man all women dream of: the Rive Gauche man. »Yves Saint-Laurent for Rive Gauche.

A beautiful wood of freedom signed Yves Saint-Laurent: Rive Gauche pour Homme

The Rive Gauche pour Homme bottle has taken on the pretty dress of light created by Yves Saint-Laurent for a large part of its bottles of men’s perfumes. The glass is square, modern, and dressed in black as if to better wear the favorite colors of its emblematic designer. As for the matte black cabochon, it brings its absolute modernity to this Rive Gauche pour Homme.

Rive Gauche pour Homme was created by the great perfumer Jacques Cavellier. It opens with a very fresh and airy opening of aromatic notes of rosemary, lavender and star anise which will mingle with citrus notes of bergamot. At heart, the man will dress in some pretty flowers but be careful, do not be fooled by appearances! If jasmines and roses are tender, cloves and geraniums are spicy and terribly powerful. A coumarin note will bring to this precious mixture a divine wild accent that will take us to the ultimate depths of this very special man. Gaiac wood, Patchouli, oak moss and vetiver will be the lethal weapons of this extraordinary seducer which will leave in its wake woody scents of overflowing sensuality.

“Rive Gauche for Men. A man who knows how to combine elegance, power and sensuality, with a reassuring vital force, always imbued with a little wild side. ” Yves Saint Laurent.

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Rive Gauche for Men

Yves Saint Laurent - Rive Gauche for Men
Yves Saint Laurent – Rive Gauche for Men

Everything a man can dream of being, everything a woman can expect from a man.

RIVE GAUCHE POUR HOMME is an assumed break where the man borrows from the clothes of the Rive Gauche woman as if to better assert his strength and sensuality.
The Rive Gauche man knows how to combine elegance, power and sensuality in a vital force, reassuring but wild.
The spirit of independence, the spirit of powerful, classic elegance without taboos. An elegance liberated in a woody fern which takes up the emblematic codes and colors of the Rive Gauche perfume.
With RIVE GAUCHE, the man seems to know himself better. Come back to him, to his essence. He knows how to accept the other, to make them a part of himself to better dialogue. Absolute masculinity in a cleverly orchestrated impertinence that allows the esthete to coexist with his rebellious facet.

Fern is the classic and elegant masculine accord par excellence. Here, all the key elements are there: geranium, lavender, oak moss and overdose of patchouli accompanied by a very sensual guaiac wood note, remind us that the elegant man can express his sweetness with force. This complicity speaks volumes, it is immediate and creates a sensual addiction born from the tension between an undeniable elegance and a carnal sensuality.

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Olfactory family: Aromatic – Green

Head note: Rosemary, Star Anise, Bergamot.

Heart note: Lavender, Cloud of Cloves, Geranium.

Base note: Patchouli, Gaiac wood, Vetiver.

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