Legend Eau de Perfume, the Mont Blanc novelty signed Olivier Pescheux

Legend Eau de Perfume, the Mont Blanc novelty signed Olivier Pescheux
Legend Eau de Perfume, the Mont Blanc novelty signed Olivier Pescheux
Legend Eau de Perfume, the Mont Blanc novelty signed Olivier Pescheux

Legend Eau de Parfum by Montblanc, a daring composition for a charismatic man

It all started in 1906 in Hamburg. This is where the Montblanc brand made its first pens, and more specifically the legendary Meisterstück writing instrument. Since then, its history continues to enrich itself with new conquests. This is how Montblanc gradually discovered the luxurious world of perfumery.
The brand now designs perfumes for men and women that meet all of its requirements. In 2011, she gave birth to Legend men’s eau de toilette. Today, it is reinventing itself and becomes Legend Eau de Perfume, in a much more powerful concentration. So, let’s go together to discover this bewitching fragrance …

Legend Eau de Perfume, an aromatic and woody fern signed Olivier Pescheux

Legend Eau de Parfum de Montblanc owes its existence to one of the greatest perfumers of our time: the talented Olivier Pescheux, recognized worldwide for his unique know-how. Here, he chose to reappropriate the emblematic woody notes of Montblanc and combine them with other unexpected ingredients. The violet leaf amplifies the freshness of this fragrance. Magnolia, geranium and jasmine, on the other hand, give it a floral and magnetic force. Finally, Legend Eau de Parfum ends with a more vibrant and sensual woody leather base. Once again, Montblanc signs a demanding and daring composition. Between tangy bergamot and powdery violet, this juice immediately arouses curiosity. Its floral heart, meanwhile, is more delicate. Finally,

Who is the Legend Eau de Parfum fragrance intended for?

Legend Eau de Parfum is designed for a strong and powerful man, confident and self-assured, fully living his emotions and following his convictions. In reality, this fair seems developed for the creators of the Montblanc brand, or anyone capable of creating legends. Undeniably, Legend Eau de Parfum draws its source from the brand’s culture. With him, elegance is obvious. Determination and virility appear naturally while remaining very refined. Ultimately, Legend Eau de Parfum is a juice designed for confident and confident men who still like to be discreet.

The new black bottle from Montblanc

Finally, on the bottle side, Legend Eau de Parfum adopts the same style as its predecessor, while offering itself a new completely black look. Very trendy color, it is appreciated as much for its elegance as for its touch of mystery. Its voluminous curves here greatly facilitate the grip of this bottle, while recalling the softness of the touch of the famous Meisterstück pen from Montblanc. Of course, the emblematic star of the brand is still present. The name of Montblanc, meanwhile, is displayed in golden writing, between refinement, luxury and subtlety. If Legend Eau de Parfum exudes a familiar allure, it is distinguished by its strong personality.

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