Lacoste Live the crocodile supercharged in fragrance

Lacoste Live, the eau de toilette for today's men
Lacoste Live the crocodile supercharged in fragrance
Lacoste Live the crocodile supercharged in fragrance

In recent years, the venerable house of casual chic sportswear has taken a keen interest in young people by offering them clothing lines such as perfumes tailored to their desires. Booster or Red, the men’s Lacoste bottles have taken a serious facelift that will not be denied with the release of the original and thunderous Lacoste Live . Bright colors, modern shapes, intense and lively composition, ultra modern communication, Lacoste Live has managed to bring together all the most important ingredients for a successful entry into “young” perfumery.

Lacoste Live or the new perspectives of the green crocodile …

New perfume. New perspective »Lacoste Live. With such a slogan, the tone is set, Lacoste Live wants to rejuvenate the male target of Lacoste perfumes to offer its favorite crocodile a new green playground of youth!

Yet the legendary Lacoste house has nothing to prove whether this is in the field of the sporty chic lines of its clothes or its beautiful iconic perfumes such as the L12.12. Nevertheless Lacoste wishes to rejuvenate its image to once again garner the favors of a young audience, children (or grandchildren!) And unwavering followers of Lacoste polo shirts. The Lacoste Live clothing collection will therefore be offered to young men and adolescents in 2014 and will be matched, like the famous polo shirt with a thousand and one colors, with a fragrance created in the same breath of modernity , Lacoste Live.

“This new Lacoste L! VE perfume opens a whole new chapter in the history of Lacoste perfumes. Its design, its unique concept and its campaign designed to live on all media target a more urban consumer in search of authenticity and creativity ”Antoine Delgrange, P&G Prestige for Lacoste.

Logically enough, the fiery Lacoste Live will be accompanied by very innovative communication campaigns, both on the web, on visuals and in the advertising film. In the film, it is the street artist Zoer who creates the crazy lines of the Lacoste Live bottle by using the perspectives of a wall to make us imagine a 3D cube! As for the digital campaign of Lacoste Live, it highlights the intense culture of the image, and of its favorite social network Instagram, to honor the graphic trends of the moment.

The many facets of the Lacoste Live man

The Lacoste Live bottle has absolutely nothing to do with the previous Lacoste opuses. Composed like a cube with multiple colored facets, Lacoste Live uses the nobility of glass and the modernity of plastic to make its bottle a totally innovative work of graphic art. Even the crocodile has lost its original green to a powerful bright red, that is to say!

Jean-Michel Duriez, famous perfume designer, has developed a composition with many faces for Lacoste Live. First of all, the aromatic and flowery power of lavender mixes with a tonic lime to better sprinkle us with dihydromyrcénol. In the heart, the aquatic freshness of the calone will show itself under a torrid heat of black pepper. A green note highlights its explosive contrasts. Finally the sensuality and virility of gaiac woods and amber woods will be spiced up with an original clove highlighting the creativity of this Lacoste Live man.

“This Lacoste L! VE eau de toilette opens up new perspectives. A masculine and creative perfume, in substance as well as in form, that all urbanites in search of novelties will adopt. »Lacoste for Lacoste Live.

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