The legendary perfume N ° 5

The legendary perfume N ° 5
The legendary perfume N ° 5
The legendary perfume N ° 5

N ° 5, the iconic Chanel perfume

Chanel N ° 5 is a legendary perfume par excellence. More than just a juice, it is today considered to be a true work of art in perfumery. Moreover, it is the best-selling perfume in the world.

What is the enigmatic N ° 5 hiding?

N ° 5… Here is a very original name for a perfume. However, it has established itself as an absolute reference. When Gabrielle Chanel called on the perfumer Ernest Beaux, she declared: “I want to give women an artificial perfume, I mean artificial like a dress, that is to say made. I am a sewing craftsman. I don’t want a rose, lily of the valley, I want a perfume that is composed. The latter offered Chanel two series of samples numbered from one to five and from 20 to 24. Gabrielle Chanel chose No. 5. What’s more, this was also her lucky number. So she decided to name it that way. If this one pleased immediately, it is the year 1954 which marked the birth of the myth. Indeed, a journalist asked Marilyn Monroe what she was wearing to sleep. She replied simply: “Number 5, of course ! “. The legend was on!

The smell of the myth of Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel said of N ° 5 that it was “an inimitable perfume, a perfume unlike any other, a woman’s perfume, with a woman’s scent.” In other words, No. 5 is a huge bouquet of flowers. It offers women incomparable quality and combines jasmine from Grasse with ylang-ylang from Comoros, neroli, lily of the valley or even rose from Grasse. Likewise, aldehydes enhance the whole with a new freshness while oak, vanilla and musk give off their particularly sensual trail. This perfume is a temporal one that has illuminated the world of perfumery for almost a century now.

Chanel N ° 5 is today the most famous and most worn perfume in the world. It is legendary and timeless, feminine and sensual, glamorous and luxurious. It is a bit retro but particularly elegant. Moreover, according to Dianna Vreeland, a great fashion journalist, it is quite simply “the ideal perfume for a woman.”

The birth of the Chanel myth N ° 5

Chanel N ° 5 is quite simply the first perfume of the Chanel brand. Also, in order to achieve this essence which is a landmark in its history, Coco Chanel called on the perfumer Ernest Beaux. For the anecdote, know that this one was at that time a perfumer for the court of the Tsars of Russia, just that! Also, N ° 5 did not fail to surprise. Indeed, while the majority of the essences of the time reproduced the scent of a flower, N ° 5 brought an entirely artificial and composed scent. This was strongly inspired by a perfume created in 1913 by the same perfumer, entitled the Bouquet de Catherine and dedicated to the Empress of the same name. Ernest Beaux confided that, to develop Chanel N ° 5, he was inspired by a scent he knew during the war with the Russian army not far from the White Sea. This one reconstitutes, according to him, “The unique sensation he had experienced beyond the Arctic Circle while inhaling the scent of extreme freshness emanating from flowers and lakes under the midnight sun.

The disturbing smell of Chanel N ° 5

If Chanel N ° 5 surprised it is because its smell played on many facets . Some find it very powerful while other people perceive it to be quite gentle and tender. It must be said that it leaves a different trail on each woman. In other words, it is a scent that is difficult to describe. This one is packed with jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, neroli and lily of the valley. The base, meanwhile, is enriched with sandalwood, vanilla, musk, vetiver and oakmoss. According to Chanel’s current nose, Jacques Polge, it is a juice that offers a perfect “balance between presence and mystery”.

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