Versace – Versace for Men

Versace – Versace for Men
Versace - Versace for Men
Versace – Versace for Men

Versace pour Homme or the masculine scent of born seducers!

The Versace house, whether in the field of haute-couture or more recently in perfumery, has never hesitated to proclaim loud and clear its Italian origins, even if it means being sometimes very controversial! As far as men’s perfumery is concerned, Versace has been able to offer juices particularly suited to Mediterranean seducers, who do not hesitate to play with their Versa L’Homme or their Versus For Men to attract the most beautiful women to their net. fragrant.

Despite the tragic death of the master in 1997, Donatella Versace never wanted to change the spirit of the creations of her late husband. Thus Versace pour Homme, released in 2008 thanks to the talents of Alberto Morillas, will be a vibrant tribute to the seducers that Gianni loved to dress as well as to the Italian scents of the couturier’s lands. Versace pour Homme is therefore the brilliant blend of traditional Italian scents and a composition approaching the elixir of love with sensual and refined accords.

“The Versace fragrance for men, both intense and assertive, is aimed at a confident man with a strong personality. A man who is not afraid to show his love for fashion and who appreciates it as a symbol of spontaneity and individuality. »Versace on Versace pour Homme.
Thus Versace for men will be highlighted by an ambassador as charming as he is definitely distinguished. Advertising for Versace pour Homme will not hesitate to stage it in a torrid universe where, from the first minutes, we understand that this Versace perfume has absolute powers over the woman who is already undressing, from the first scent. by Versace for Men!

Versace pour Homme would therefore definitely be a scent maddening with sensualities and explosive with carnal powers, but can only be carried away by a man as sure of himself as of his supernatural powers of seduction !

Powerful and virile, Versace for Men

The Versace pour Homme bottle plays with its broad glass shoulders to assert its racy masculinity. The beauty of the very Mediterranean bluish juice is highlighted by the luminous facets of its glass. A pretty Greek silver coin affixed to the bottle and matched with the very modern steel cabochon reminds the particular attachment of the House of Versace to mythology by playing on the contrasts between retro details and pretty modernities.

Versace pour Homme opens with fern notes accompanied by citron and bitter orange leaves providing fresh and lively notes to this beautiful Mediterranean. The neroli flower brings its soft and opulent light to this headliner. Then in the heart we discover a very original mineral-floral accord built around clary sage and blue hyacinth. This delicacy of hearts will give way to the powerful virility of the trail of amber and musk, a real perfumed trap of the Italian seducer.

“The fragrance, a classic and surprisingly contemporary aroma, which awakens the senses. Ingredients of Mediterranean origin (Calabrian lemon, bitter orange leaves) give it warmth and strength. »Versace pour Versace pour Homme.

Versace launches a new fragrance for men, inspired by the legendary fragrance of the brand L’Homme

Versace for men
Versace for men

Modern Man – Versace for Men

Versace pour homme expresses the character of today’s man: cultivated and confident, he has the ability to live his life in harmony with the natural world. Dynamic and enterprising, the Versace man displays his determined and passionate character through a resolutely masculine fragrance.
Versace pour Homme, both intense and assertive, is aimed at a man of self-confidence and classic elegance.

Perfume – Versace for Men

Versace Pub for Men
Versace Pub for Men

The masculine fragrance, Versace Pour Homme, was created using essential ingredients from the Mediterranean. Classic and contemporary aromatic fragrance, which awakens the senses.
Citron, bitter orange leaves and neroli flowers light up the fragrance with Mediterranean accents. The heart note of Versace Pour Homme is characterized by the almost palpable mineral-floral aroma of sage and blue hyacinth. Amber and musk offer deep and sensual base notes, the essence of pure virility.

Olfactory Family: Fern – Aromatic – Woody

Top Notes: Bitter Orange Leaves, Neroli Flowers

Heart Notes: Mineral-Floral Aroma, Sage, Blue Hyacinth

Base notes: Amber, Musk

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