L’air du temps by Nina Ricci, the scent of timelessness

L'Air du Temps, a symbol of post-war revival
L'air du temps by Nina Ricci, the scent of timelessness
L’air du temps by Nina Ricci, the scent of timelessness

L’air du temps is a scent to which it is difficult to give an age. Indeed, although he was one of the first of the Nina Ricci house, he is not an old man and still seduces many women. Rather, it is the essence of maturity which even seems to have improved over time. You know, a bit like these women who are clearly not twenty years old but who do not make a “lady” for all that. They are not trendy or out of fashion, they are just timeless and that almost makes them look better. So that’s what we’re talking about with this historic masterpiece from the Nina Ricci house.

L’Air du Temps, the scent of love that defies the passing years

L’air du Temps seems to be, more than any other fragrance, the fragrance that embodies love. Far from being young, it is the second perfume produced by the famous house Nina Ricci and was created in 1948. Also, it is known for its freshness and incomparable sensitivity to which many women have succumbed. At the time of its release, it embodies a new lease of life in the perfume sector and will launch the debut of light and floral scents. Indeed, the first perfume of the house, Coeur Joie appeared just after the Second World War. It then reflected the desire to relive and enjoy the present moment. With the Air of Time, this found peacetook a step back and it then translates the possibility of being able to flourish. Also, it embodies the innovative atmosphere of the time and gives thanks to an unprecedented creative sensitivity. It reflects the modernity of conquering France which is reborn from its ashes. He transcribes a daily life made of spontaneity and is then fully inked in the Air of his Time. What is more, the doves present on its bottle herald what it contains. Its ultimate goal is to send back a message of love. The appearance given to it by Nina Ricci is almost unreal and its rendering is magical.

Nina Ricci signs a simple and refined fragrance

This perfume signed by Francis Fabron is not very complicated. He goes to the essentials and is none other than a perfectly composed Floriental. It therefore remains very classic but nonetheless elegant. Its formula includes around thirty ingredients (which is not enough in perfumery) but these have been selected with the greatest care. Indeed, the Air of Time is composed of new ingredients that had never before been used in perfumery. Nina Ricci notably added benzyl salicylate to its composition and this was a first. This is where all its purity comes from. In addition, its spicy tones are tinged with eugenol. This atypical ingredient evokes the carnation and sublimates the floral bouquet of this perfume by enhancing all its tenderness. Indeed, l’Air du Temps revolves around a floral heart based on gardenia, jasmine and rose barely refreshed by bergamot. Likewise, it also gives off powdery scents of iris and violet. Everything then ends with a carnal aroma enveloping sandalwood and cedar. Finally, amber and musk finish sublimating the essence, giving it all its roundness.

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