Serge Lutens Glass Wool fragrance

Serge Lutens Glass Wool fragrance
Serge Lutens Glass Wool fragrance
Serge Lutens Glass Wool fragrance

Laine de Verre Serge Lutens, when opposites attract

A great professional in make-up and fashion, Serge Lutens is gradually moving towards the creation of perfumes. With an extraordinary personality, Serge Lutens unveils fragrances as beautiful as they are original. “Laine de Verre” released in 2014 is the third part of Serge Lutens’ “Waters” series. The latter describes “Glass Wool” in this way “It was only after he had been crossed by winter that, surrendering his arms, the Lord of Glass came at the feet of the Lady of Wool, to lay flowers and ferns. which, on him, had frosted… ”.

Glass wool, a scented composition halfway between angel and demon

Original, unconventional and avant-garde, Serge Lutens amazes once again with “Laine de Verre”, which is defined as water with metallic accents. “Laine de Verre” is the meeting between two opposites. Half angel, half demon, the fragrance offers almost new emotions. Glass, beautiful and transparent, but brittle, is in fact opposed here to wool which is knitted and which can scratch. In addition, we know that glass wool is an insulator …

Glass wool, contrasting notes

“Glass wool” is composed in such a way as to achieve an electroshock. The composition begins with a fresh burst of aldehydes, associated with intense notes of mint. Then, the perfume evolves towards a heart bursting with metallic notes. Finally, the base is very sensual, because it combines musks, with cashmeran. The bottle has a very graphic look. Modern and slender, the “Laine de Verre” bottle uses the main codes of its two predecessors. The cap also retains its round appearance and is tinted for the occasion in a bright metallic gray.

Serge Lutens - Glass WoolThe house Serge Lutens unveils its new 2014 fragrance in the range of …

Glass wool

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In February 2014 Serge Lutens will launch a new fragrance called Laine de Verre which belongs to the L’Eau range introduced in 2009. As of today this line has included three editions: the first, L’Eau Serge Lutens, presented in 2009; L’Eau Froide from 2011, and the latest Laine de Verre edition.

Glass wool by Serge Lutens

Glass wool by Serge Lutens
Glass wool by Serge Lutens

Debris of glass in wool: this is the design imagined by designer Serge Lutens for his new Laine de Verre fragrance. In the continuity of the two previous editions of the same line L’Eau and L’Eau Froide, the designer wanted to combine cold with metal. Laine de Verre is a fragrance that can be defined as cold and metallic.

Serge Lutens Glasswool Perfume

This new fragrance by Serge Lutens is inspired by glass wool. Serge Lutens has associated notes of citrus, aldehydes and musk, heated by fine woody nuances that blend into notes of cashmeran (cashmere wood). This is Serge Lutens’ original and at the same time paradoxical interpretation of metallic cold. At first, we are surprised by the ephemeral freshness of the Laine de Verre fragrance. In a soft and sensual transition, the fragrance then lets subtle warm notes bloom.

This is how Serge Lutens achieved a perfect combination of wool and glass in his new fragrance Laine de Verre. “A clash with his other half. A disagreement between the feminine and the masculine is not a rupture; it breaks out and is an obligatory condition for any work resulting in an agreement ” Serge Lutens

The glass wool bottle is slender and takes on the features of Water and Cold Water released previously. The cap retains its round metallic appearance.

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Olfactory family: Aldehydes

Head note: Citrus fruits.

Heart note: Aldehydes.

Base note: Musk, Cashmeran (Cashmere Wood).

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