The perfume of L’Homme Idéal

The perfume of L’Homme Idéal
The perfume of L'Homme Idéal
The perfume of L’Homme Idéal

Guerlain is a perfume house whose each creation is particularly eagerly awaited. It must be said that we can no longer count the number of successes emanating from his workshops like Mitsouko, Jicky or even the Mouchoir de Monsieur. Also, it is clear that the L’Homme Idéal perfume does justice to its prestigious lineage. Indeed, if the ideal man does not exist, the ideal perfume, on the other hand, does seem to have come to life in 2014 …

Does the Ideal Man exist?

When we ask Guerlain if the Ideal Man exists, the brand does not go by four ways. The answer is no ! However, it seems that the house of creation had fun creating its perfume. As much to say to you that all the communication around this essence plays in self-mockery. Also, the one who is responsible for embodying the Ideal Man is none other than the Spanish top model Jon Kortajareba. It was then imaged in a clip by Michel Gondry. In this advertising campaign, the handsome gentleman evolves in front of an admiring female audience. The staging flirts with humor and the whole thing is further accentuated by the music “Johnny got a boom boom” by the sparkling Imelda May.

… And above all what smell does it have?

L’Homme Idéal is fairly loyal to Guerlain in terms of smell . Indeed, it has a greedy side that is very often found in the essences of the house. This one comes to him in particular from amaretto, a sweet and rather opulent raw material. In this case, it is an Italian alcohol made from almonds and known for its sweetness. Just as a perfect man could be, this is a liqueur particularly appreciated by the fairer sex. What is more, this ingredient perfectly characterizes all of Guerlain’s daring since it is the first use of the fine in a masculine eau de toilette. This is then contrasted by more woody and warm notes. The whole delivers a luxurious and very contemporary fragrance.

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