Santal Royal de Guerlain, the scent of the Orient in a box

Santal Royal de Guerlain, the scent of the Orient in a box
Santal Royal, the scent of the Orient in a box
Santal Royal, the scent of the Orient in a box

Santal Royal, the Absolu d’Orient by Guerlain in a box signed Roxanne Lagache

Travel is an inexhaustible source of creativity. They are therefore particularly popular with perfumers. Thus, many perfume creators are going to the four corners of the globe to find new fragrant and original raw materials. This is precisely the way Guerlain works. At its head, four generations of perfumers have traveled the entire planet to find original scents and design exceptional fragrances. However, to pay tribute to the oriental zone, so much adored by Guerlain, the brand decided, a few years ago, to create the Absolus d’Orient collection. In this olfactory blend, Santal Royal is a favorite. Created in 2015, it returns today in the form of a box, elegantly sublimated by the artist Roxanne Lagache.

Roxanne Lagache creates an exotic box set for Guerlain

On the occasion of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2020, the house of Guerlain has decided to call on the services of Roxanne Lagache to concoct a unique perfume box for her. Here, two different objects from the Santal Royal collection are delivered to us with elegance. The Guerlain set contains a 125 ml bottle of Santal Royal perfume, matched with a small travel spray. So, with it, your favorite essence will never leave you! Roxanne Lagache’s box, on the other hand, has a standard and square shape. On its front face, birds, flowers and leaves intermingle on a pink background, giving us the exotic vision of Guerlain according to Roxanne Lagache.

The oriental and woody scent of Royal Sandalwood

Santal Royal is a perfume that we owe to the creator Thierry Wasser, exclusive nose of the Guerlain house. Here, he chose to bring together amber, leathery and milky accords. In its base, sandalwood dominates, which only brings a more sacred character to this essence. Indeed, in the eastern part of the globe, sandalwood is considered a sacred ingredient. Here, for more femininity, it is associated with flowers such as the Bulgarian rose or jasmine. The neroli further illuminates the whole, while the cinnamon spices up this essence.

Guerlain’s Absolus d’Orient collection

Royal Sandalwoodis a fragrance from Guerlain’s Absolus d’Orient collection. If the brand has chosen to give birth to such an olfactory blend, it is quite simply to pay tribute to the most beautiful oriental raw materials. Indeed, Guerlain has always made this area of ​​the planet its favorite territory. It is in the East that Guerlain’s perfumers will draw most of their sources of inspiration, to give birth to bewitching essences, some of them becoming true legends of perfumery. Like all the perfumes in the Absolus d’Orient collection, Santal Royal is presented in a cylindrical bottle with a dome above it. Here, it captivates us with its black lacquered and gilded assembly. Its label is sublimated with a few arabesques, while a ribbon is tied at its collar.

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