The Very Charming Water of Azzaro, the latest concentrate of seduction by Azzaro

The Very Charming Water of Azzaro, the latest concentrate of seduction by Azzaro
The Very Charming Water of Azzaro, the latest concentrate of seduction by Azzaro
The Very Charming Water of Azzaro, the latest concentrate of seduction by Azzaro


When Mademoiselle Azzaro offers us the fruity floral delights of this French elegance, we can only be seduced! What’s more, when the pretty young lady from Azzaro comes in different bouquets that will seduce us with their daring as well as their spontaneity. In 2019, Mademoiselle Azzaro will take us on a trip to the rooftops of Paris to discover the sky with Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmante.

When Mademoiselle Azzaro once again plays with her charm to seduce us with L’Eau Très Charmante

With Mademoiselle Azzaro, the Azzaro house made us discover in 2015 a French young lady of undeniable elegance who plays with the City of Light to amaze us with her daily life. Far from the usual sensuality of Azzaro perfumes, perfumer Karine Dubreuil has preferred to play with gourmet and flowery facets to offer chic young ladies a fragrance as free and spontaneous as their style.

Thus with two complementary facets, one “girly spirit” with a fruity tangerine-peach accord and the other “fashion addict” composed of burning woody notes, Mademoiselle Azzaro made us dream.

In 2016, Mademoiselle Azzaro offered us with Eau Très Belle a romantic whirlwind where peach chords blend with red fruits and macaroons to draw the pretty Parisian woman into the most beautiful and tangy of romances. Then in 2017, Mademoiselle Azzaro will be more springtime thanks to Mademoiselle Azzaro Eau Florale and its notes of lily of the valley and quince.

What will happen then with the new adventures of Mademoiselle Azzaro as Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charming? We do not yet know much about her, but we already know that her accords between juicy pears, peonies and red fruits will only be able to seduce us even more, and what is more, they will be carried by the charisma of the pretty muse Lola The Lann.

Mademoiselle Azzaro L’Eau Très Charmante and its very summery azure blue bottle

Even though we do not yet know the advertising campaigns for this Mademoiselle Azzaro L’Eau very Charming, we already know that the pretty original faceted bottle with an elegant knot continues in this new version.

However, after tinting the pretty juice with rose first, then purple for the Eau Très Belle and finally green for the Eau Très Floral, the Azzaro house chose azure blue for this Mademoiselle Azzaro Eau Très Charmante. .

Pears, peonies and beautiful sensualities for Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmante

For this new opus from Mademoiselle Azzaro, perfumer Karine Dubreuil, who had already composed the previous perfumes, has retained the same duality between the famous facets of “girly spirit” and “fashion addict”. However, in this opus dedicated to the azure summer sky, she changed the ingredients to bring more fruity freshness.

Thus Mademoiselle Azzaro L’Eau Très Charmante opens with sweet and light notes of grapes married with a hint of blackcurrant for a zest of depth. At the heart, the velvety and soft peach remains but is embellished with the very feminine roundness of the peony as well as a juicy pear. Finally, sandalwood and musk close Mademoiselle Azzaro L’Eau très Charmante in a burst of intense sensuality.

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