The Very Irrésistible fragrance by Givenchy

The Very Irrésistible fragrance by Givenchy
The Very Irrésistible fragrance by Givenchy
The Very Irrésistible fragrance by Givenchy

Very Irresistible between American glamor and eternal French elegance

If the Givenchy house had rather accustomed us to the perfumes of femme fatales, in 2003 it attacked the woman-child with Very Irrésistible. The freshness and femininity of the rose matched with fruit, Very Irrésistible exudes a fresh and glamorous woman like the sparkling Audrey Hepburn, to whom the house wanted to pay tribute. Her sweet and brilliant muses, Liv Tyler and Amanda Seyfried, will know how to wear these rosy scents with a crazy grace which will give Very Irrésistible an image of eternal femininity .

Very Irrésistible or Givenchy’s vibrant fragrant tribute to glamorous icon Audrey Hepburn

The great couturier Hubert de Givenchy very early on met the one who would upset the cinema of the 1950s, Audrey Hepburn. An ocean, the Atlantic, separates the two very close friends. If one exalts French elegance and haute couture, the other highlights the sparkling beauty of a star in the making in Hollywood fashion, their meeting is, against all expectations, obvious!

Thus Audrey Hepburn said of Hubert Givenchy: “It was Givenchy who gave me a look, a genre, a silhouette. “. And he would answer her, “She opened America to me.” “. Very Irrésistible would therefore be the delicate scented symbol of this friendship that has never been broken between a man representing French luxury and a woman who is a true icon of American glamor and petulance. “Very Irrésistible is a unique creation echoing a friendship that has deeply marked the history of the House: that of Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy. Very Irrésistible embodies all the refinement of this singular duo. »Givenchy for Very Irrésistible.

This beautiful and sparkling Very Irrésistible will have to be embodied by an icon of beauty and cinema, the choice of the magnificent Liv Tyler will therefore be obvious. The beautiful American star will illustrate Very Irrésitible in campaigns and retro visuals where humor will mix with sensuality to make the actress play the role of these iconic stars of the 50s. In Mario Testino’s campaign for the visual of Very Irresistible, the beautiful muse will be quite simply burning and luminous.

Despite this successful incarnation of French elegance and American glamorous impertinence, in 2013 Givenchy chose to replace, like Very Irrésitible Liv Tyler, with the sparkling Amanda Seyfried. Like her eldest, the sparkling muse will give this overdosed perfume of roses an image as sensual as it is funny.

An opulence of roses for a Very Irrésistible fragrance by Givenchy

Pablo Reinoso, the artistic director of the Givenchy house, has worked on the glass of the Very Irrésistible bottle to give it the shape of an exclamation point, in connection with the olfactory surprise he wants to create. The beautiful glass therefore surprises us by its slender shape but also by its luminous facets forming like prisms of light where the pink juice is reflected with grace.

In order to create this composition paying tribute to female spontaneity, it took no less than three big noses such as Carlos Benaïm, Dominique Ropion and Sophie Labbé to create this masterpiece!

Star anise and verbena open in a dynamic and spicy way the spectacular work carried out by the artists around the rose in Very Irrésistible. At the heart it is of course the notes of rose and pink peony which come to bewitch us with their opulence while enclosing us with delight in an addictive peach juice bloomed by a spring lily of the valley. Then these so pretty roses, spectacularly present at 35% concentration, will take us to the depths of the Fantasia rose and the Passion rose.

“Born under the prettiest of stars… A star with 5 roses like a faceted rose with 5 branches, studded with star anise: Very Irrésistible Givenchy is the first aromatic floral in perfumery. A dazzling, sparkling and infinitely feminine fragrance, because we all dream of being irresistible. »Givenchy for Very Irrésistible.

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