The new perfume Imagine by Guerlain

The new perfume Imagine by Guerlain
The new perfume Imagine by Guerlain
The new perfume Imagine by Guerlain

Imagine, Guerlain is giving pride of place to one of its greatest perfumes

In perfumery, fashions come and go. Indeed, some big brands have so much composition to their credit, that it is impossible for them to continue to permanently publish all the juices in their catalog. This is why certain fragrances have disappeared today, nevertheless remaining in the memory of the greatest lovers of fine perfumery. Guerlain has therefore decided to address its most loyal customers and give them a gift. The brand has implemented a new collection, reissuing exclusive essences that have disappeared for several years. Today, the Les Parisiennes collection also has a newcomer: Imagine, revisits the late London from the “Une ville, Un parfum” collection.

The Imagine perfume, a tribute to John Lennon

As the name of this fragrance suggests, Imagine is a nod to John Lennon’s musical anthem. Therefore, it is inspired by the free and quirky spirit of the British capital. With Guerlain’s Imagine perfume, London is highlighted and it is precisely all the English elegance that resurfaces in this composition. In perfect harmony with Guerlain’s previous London perfume, this juice seems to have all the London paradoxes within. It is halfway between the prestige of the crown and the modernity of pop culture. No one can really give an age to this new essence, brilliantly combining tradition and eccentricity.

Imagine, a playful and quirky essence

Imagine de Guerlain starts off with a mischievous rhubarb accord. This fresh and eccentric fruit is associated with the dynamism of bergamot and the bitterness of grapefruit. Then, Imagine gains in femininity in contact with the essence and the absolute of rose. Violet, for its part, is more bucolic and a bit retro. Evoking the rice powder of yesteryear, it is also a nod to delicious English and tangy sweets. Imagine de Guerlain is magnified with cardamom before resting on a more woody but equally airy base, marrying white cedar, vetiver and black tea. With Imagine, “Thierry Wasser, perfumer from Maison Guerlain, imagined a daring fragrance, anything but conventional, like the British capital, around typically English raw materials”.

The return of the iconic Flacon aux Abeilles by Guerlain

Like many Guerlain fragrances, Imagine presents itself in a modern reinterpretation of the iconic Flacon aux Abeilles. Originally designed for Empress Eugenie and Eau de Cologne Impériale, this bottle takes us back to the history and nobility of Guerlain. This time, this glass container gives us a glimpse of a purple juice. A gold label shines on its front face, while a green ribbon is attached at its collar, just below its crystal sphere. A multitude of bees also roam its glass, as if to echo one of Guerlain’s richest symbols.

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