If or the homage to Armani’s femininity

If or the homage to Armani’s femininity
If or the homage to Armani's femininity
If or the homage to Armani’s femininity

Si d’Armani is a fragrance specially dedicated to lovers of powerful and tenacious sillages, both chypre and fruity. It is a fragrance mainly built around patchouli, gourmet notes and sun-kissed fruits. It is elegant and already promises to fill you with tenderness.

The elegance and femininity typical of Armani

Giorgio Armani says of this perfume: “If is my tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible blend of grace, strength and spirit of independence. “. It is a bright, sophisticated and charismatic scent. The latter embodies absolutely all the refinement of Italian chic as we like to imagine it. Its fragrance arouses emotion through a veil of mystery. He enjoys playing on contrasts, not hesitating to associate softness with strength, sensuality with elegance, impertinence with recklessness. Its smell is perceived by some to be very deep while others describe it as a juice playing in lightness. In other words, Si is the fragrance of a woman of serene strength and carnal sensuality.

The intense indulgence of the Si perfume

With the Si perfume, Armani can boast of having reinvented the chypre style. It is a particularly captivating essence starting with the association of the freshness of blackcurrant buds with the sensuality of vanilla. Its heart, meanwhile, is particularly floral. It is full of May rose and freesia while embellishing them with an elegant dash of precisely dosed patchouli. Finally, its background is more amber and woody. What is more, it is sublimated by the animality of musk. Finally, for all those who would like to vary the pleasures, know that Si also exists in a more intense version as well as in a fresher version in the form of an Eau de Toilette. But a new version has just been released with Armani Si Rose Signature .

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