Infusion de Rose, the new Prada opus

Infusion de Rose, the new Prada opus
Infusion de Rose, the new Prada opus
Infusion de Rose, the new Prada opus

Prada’s timeless collection

Prada is an Italian brand that has always dedicated an overflowing passion to the art of sublimating femininity. Thus, continuing to explore this universe, the brand had made, in 2011, a spring fragrance called Infusion de Rose. Eager to transform once again the most emblematic flower of feminine perfumery, Prada has just announced the upcoming release of the new Infusion de Rose perfume. If this juice has kept its old name, it has on the other hand reinterpreted its scent. So after the Mimosa in 2016 , the rose made its appearance… Focus on its new romantic and timeless scents.

The Prada Infusions Collection, at the border between tradition and modernity

By creating the Prada Infusions Collection, the brand opposed male and female stereotypes. The idea was to go beyond current trends and fashions in perfumery. The Prada Infusions Collection is very inspired by the colognes of yesteryear while possessing the strength and tenacity of current perfumes. This olfactory blend is a kind of homage to the past looking to the future. Through it, Prada wishes to improve our “understanding of our place in the present”. Prada Infusions embody the image of Italian elegance. These are fragrances inherited from a prestigious past but borrowed from a deep modernity. Through them, Prada brought together poetry and precision.

Prada’s new Rose Infusion recipe

As the name of the Infusion de Rose perfume suggests, its recipe is far from completely opposed to that of its predecessor. Moreover, many ingredients are present in both compositions. Their dosages are different and some new ones nevertheless come to decorate this new juice. The new version of Infusion de Rose still revolves mainly around two varieties of roses: the Bulgarian rose and the Turkish rose. These queens of perfumery are illuminated here by the presence of orange blossom, an ingredient absent from the previous composition. This gives a more solar aura to this juice. The galbanum, meanwhile, brings here a vegetal and somewhat resinous aspect. The whole thing is also supported by an invigorating tangerine-based start. On the other hand,

The return of the iconic Prada bottle

Everything is presented to us in the iconic Prada bottle . This one is elegant, vintage and modern at the same time. Looking at its aesthetic, it seems almost impossible to give it an age. Made up of a rectangular and thick block of glass, this time it plays on the femininity of a powder pink color. The original Prada crest, meanwhile, is present on its front face. Like the essence it contains, Infusion de Rose’s visual is at the border between genres and eras.

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