Guerlain and its latest Habit Rouge perfume box

Guerlain and its latest Habit Rouge perfume box
Guerlain and its latest Habit Rouge perfume box
Guerlain and its latest Habit Rouge perfume box

Habit Rouge by Guerlain and its new Gift Box

“Shreds of bluish mist clung to the red lace of a summer already fled. It was then that a rumor seemed to arise from the distant heather. The voices of dogs mingled with the deep sounds of hunting horns pierced the morning freshness. Then it was, in a flash, the furtive appearance of the strident red of the tunic of a man whose energetic hand gripped the reins of a thoroughbred.

Had I dreamed? Yet there floated in the wake of the red coat, disturbing autumnal scents mixed with a sensual scent of leather and tobacco. Habit Rouge was born in me. This was the inspiration for Jean-Paul Guerlain when he made the emblematic Habit Rouge perfume in 1965. Well, know that this great classic of perfumery is now available in the form of a gift box.

Guerlain’s legendary Habit Rouge perfume

Habit Rouge is a fragrance that pays tribute to the Guerlain family ‘s attachment to the equestrian world . Indeed, Jean-Paul Guerlain was an emeritus rider. An outstanding trainer, he regularly visited the Rambouillet forest in the early morning hours. This is how he made one of his most beautiful perfumes: Habit Rouge. This is a nod to the traditional dress of riders going up show jumping or going hunting with hounds. Its scent is both fresh and woody, giving us the scent of an undergrowth in the early morning.

Habit Rouge is a particularly contrasting fragrance that combines the freshness of citrus fruits with the warmth of woody notes. Its start is extremely lively, combining bergamot, bitter orange, tangerine, lemon and lime. Habit Rouge thus begins almost like cologne. Then, it is caught up with a balsamic accord combining vanilla with the sensuality of leather. Its wake gradually gains in virility. It brings together birch wood and patchouli.

The little Guerlain gift in addition

In addition to this cult fragrance, the Guerlain Habit Rouge set also contains a shower gel. Perfectly matched to the box, it comes in a 75 ml tube colored with a red tint. Its creamy texture melts on the skin and envelops it in a creamy sensation. Habit Rouge Shower Gel thus brings an invigorating freshness to your morning wash while associating it with a very pronounced masculinity. Of course, this is a dermatologically tested product, suitable for all skin types for daily use.

These two products are presented to us in an elegant red box. Decorated in its center with multiple silver engravings, the Habit Rouge Box reinterprets with elegance and originality the emblematic codes of the Guerlain house. The result is a gift with a particularly arty and current design.

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