Infini, the new Caron fragrance

Infini, the new Caron fragrance
Infini, the new Caron fragrance
Infini, the new Caron fragrance

Infini perfume joins Caron’s Essentials collection

Infinity has always fascinated Caron. Thus, the brand made a first juice bearing this name in 1912. It was then reinterpreted in 1970. However, because infinity symbolizes something that never stops, history is repeated today. In 2018, Caron decided to expand its prestigious collection of Essentials. Its new juice is once again called Infinite . It is signed by the talented perfumer William Fraysse and embodies the portrait of a strong and sensual woman. All in duality, it fascinates with its authenticity associated with an exceptional dose of avant-garde.

The Caron Essentials collection

First of all, to better understand the universe of this new perfume, let’s start by telling you about the Caron Essentials collection . This olfactory blend brings together exceptional compositions which bring together the most beautiful raw materials offered by nature. The result is small olfactory pleasures of incomparable quality. Caron Essentials are aimed at all types of fragrance consumers, whether you are a connoisseur and an enlightened lover of sumptuous flavors, or an average customer eager for new sensations. Infini is a walk through the history of Caron. This juice seems to have both the tradition of yesterday, the spirit of today and the innovation of tomorrow.

L’Infini and Caron, a long story

This is not the first time that Caron has decided to evoke Infinity in one of his perfumes. It all began in 1912. It was around this time that Caron presented his first juice called L’Infini. This initial fragrance followed two creative accesses at the same time. First of all, it was about evoking the creative immensity of the brand’s perfumer, Ernest Daltroff. Then, the idea was also to dedicate this juice to his muse, Félicie Vampouille, whom he loved with an eternal and infinite love. Then, Caron repeated this story in 1970. Its juice appeared the day after the Apollo XI expedition which landed on the moon. The whole world was fascinated by a new elsewhere and the essence of Caron was thus a resounding success. It was then an essence synonymous with conquest and very focused on the future. Still,

The duality of Infini perfume

Infini by Caron is a fragrance that seems to capture both the spirit of a bygone and moving era, that of the Roaring Twenties, and the modernity of our contemporary era. All in duality, it evokes the contrast of two moments as well as the complexity of the feminine character. Infinity is the symbol of a conquering and sensual woman. A break with the other juices in the Caron Essentials collection, it reveals a certain modernity and a desire for change, while preserving the brand’s rich heritage. He is like all the women of yesteryear who dared to upset standards and emancipate themselves over the decades. The result is a juice made of multiple contrasts, combining strength and sensuality, past and present.

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