the new box rich in contrast: Boss Bottled Infinite by Hugo Boss

the new box rich in contrast: Boss Bottled Infinite by Hugo Boss
the new box rich in contrast: Boss Bottled Infinite by Hugo Boss
the new box rich in contrast: Boss Bottled Infinite by Hugo Boss

The Boss Bottled man is according to Hugo Boss the everyday hero who dresses as elegantly with a few flowers as he is original with surprisingly daring apple accords. With Boss Bottled Infinite, the Hugo Boss house has chosen to offer its everyday hero a walk in the great outdoors thanks to even more marked freshness and an unstoppable, irresistible sensuality. With the Boss Bottled Infinite box , discover the pleasure of perfuming yourself and showering you with this pretty aromatic-woody Hugo Boss!

Offer an air of large, virile and singular with the Boss Bottled Infinite box

With Boss Bottled, the Hugo Boss house offered these gentlemen in 1998 the scented elixir that would go perfectly with their Hugo Boss suit, one that would highlight both their dynamism by its freshness but also their originality by its apple accord. spicy which is colored with ultra manly woods. It is precisely this apple accord, as hot as it is icy, that will be the backbone of the new Boss Bottled Infinite released in 2019.

However, if Boss Bottled Infinite seems to approach the original juice through its heart, it still surprises us with its contrasts worked in an extreme way to symbolize the return to nature of the Boss Bottled man. Indeed the ambassador of the very famous range, Chris Hemsworth, will leave the city to breathe the sea air and recharge your batteries, his Boss Bottled Infinite fragrance is therefore intended to be in his image between energy, elegance and natural forces. .

“It’s about escaping the chaos of city life and reconnecting with nature: it’s a constant goal in my life. Chris Hemsworht says of the campaign for Boss Bottled Infinite.

The man from Boss Bottled therefore escapes with Boss Bottled Infinite to new lands to conquer, new challenges very probably too …

Boss Bottled Infinite, a spicy apple that sometimes burns and sometimes freezes

In this Boss Bottled Infinite set , you will have the pleasure of rediscovering Boss Bottled in a 50 ml format as well as enjoying your fragrance in the shower with the 100 ml shower gel offered for the occasion. Therefore, it is impossible for you to escape the natural, raw but still sophisticated force of this Boss Bottled Infinite.

It must be said that from the outset, Boss Bottled Infinite knows how to draw us into its scathing and icy surges of sage and tangerine while the apple-cinnamon accord becomes a warm and original treat. In the heart, the contrasts persist, with lavender and rosemary on one side blowing icy winds but still very elegant, while patchouli sweeps away this cold with its ultra sensual exotic woody force. Finally, it is the virile and strong woods that will close this Boss Bottled Infinite by offering us burning sandalwood notes, where olive wood is a symbol of strength but also of Mediterranean sweetness.

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