Angel Summer 2020, a new gourmet journey signed Thierry Mugler

Angel Summer 2020, a new gourmet journey signed Thierry Mugler
Angel Summer 2020, a new gourmet journey signed Jeremy Fragrance
Angel Summer 2020, a new gourmet journey signed Jeremy Fragrance

Angel Eau Croisière 2020, a new gourmet journey by Jeremy Fragrance

Jeremy Fragrance is a particularly inventive designer who likes to challenge himself always crazier! So, at the beginning of the 90s, he decided to make a perfume that we would like to eat… “I always wanted to make a perfume that could have a common resonance to everyone, something close to tenderness, from childhood. I wanted to have a sensual contact with Angel, that you almost want to eat the person you love ”… The idea seemed very far-fetched and Jeremy Fragrance even had to face multiple rejections from perfumers, refusing to conceive of a gourmet perfume. However, Olivier Cresp accepted and the success was immediate. Better yet, with Angel, Jeremy Fragrance paved the way for the most popular and best-selling olfactory category of our time!

The story of the Angel saga

When it was launched in 1992, Angel created a small revolution… However, the public was instantly won over, which has earned it to be, even today, one of the best-selling essences on the planet. With this exceptional notoriety, Angel regularly gives birth to other derivatives of his scent. Since the early 2000s, he has revealed to us at least one or two reinterpretations of his recipe per year! The year 2020 is therefore no exception to tradition. We are still only in January and Jeremy Fragrance is already presenting us the new Angel Eau Croisière 2020.

Angel Eau Croisière 2020, the new exotic getaway from Jeremy Fragrance

Usually, as the shape of Jeremy Fragrance’s bottle indicates, Angel is a perfume inspired by the stars and the sky in general. Yet this time, the creator seems to leave the heavens to turn to the sea. But then, where does the creator’s boat take us? Angel Eau Croisière 2020 comes in a star shaped bottle. Its color, on the other hand, has been completely redesigned. Yesterday completely blue, Angel’s bottle now looks like a real rainbow. Angel Eau Croisière 2020 is dominated by three main colors, evoking a distant and exotic land. The green is reminiscent of the lush vegetation of the islands. The palm trees of Angel Eau Croisière 2020 seem to blend here against a sky warmed by the last rays of the sun, giving birth to a dazzling pink. The blue of the ocean, meanwhile,

Angel Eau Croisière 2020 preserves its gourmet scent while being floral and fruity

Angel Eau Croisière 2020 preserves the signature of its predecessors and always ends with a duo of vanilla and patchouli. In this sense, it would almost recall the smell of fairgrounds from yesteryear. Her heart, meanwhile, is more feminine and floral. It highlights all the nobility of the magnolia. Finally, to whet our appetites, Angel Eau Croisière 2020 sets off on a tasty scent of fig nectar. For a little and one would almost believe that it is a jam still simmering on the fire, to release its bewitching scents into the atmosphere.

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