A specific brush for L’Essentiel Guerlain foundation

A specific brush for L’Essentiel Guerlain foundation
A specific brush for L'Essentiel Guerlain foundation
A specific brush for L’Essentiel Guerlain foundation

The Essential Foundation Brush, a new innovative applicator from Guerlain

Foundation is a globally popular makeup product. This is one of the best-selling beauty items on the planet, and there are all kinds of them to meet your every craving! The biggest luxury brands are constantly innovating to create new formulas. Among the latest novelties, Guerlain has just made a Foundation called L’Essentiel , offering flawless coverage combined with a natural look. Today, to allow you to obtain a result that meets all your expectations, Guerlain goes even further and invites you to discover its applicator brush: the Essential Foundation Brush.

The ergonomic shape of the Essential Foundation Brush

The Guerlain Essential Foundation Brush is a revolutionary and very innovative small applicator. All round, it matches perfectly with the foundation bearing its name, and at the same time offers a better grip. Very ergonomic, it provides you with more intuitive application gestures. Its supple bristles also allow the fluid foundation to be better distributed over the skin, providing a more even finish.

The application offered by the Essential Foundation Brush is easy and precise. It also makes it easier to reach difficult areas of your skin, such as the eye area. With the Essential Foundation Brush, no trace or demarcation appears on your face. In addition, the Essential Foundation Brush is also supplied with a small cap that protects its synthetic fibers. Retractable, it keeps all the freshness of your brush use after use. What’s more, it allows you to take your Essential Foundation Brush absolutely everywhere, and slip it in your purse without risking damaging the bristles.

How to properly apply your foundation with the Guerlain Essential Brush?

As always, to help you achieve better makeup success , Guerlain provides you with its little brush with some additional application tips. The brand recommends first patting the skin of your face with the bare essentials Foundation Brush, even before applying your makeup. This light massage stimulates microcirculation and revives the radiance of your skin. Then, all you need to do is apply a few drops of your Essential Foundation to your brush. The dose depends on the coverage you want to achieve.

Then apply your fluid foundation to five different places on your face: on your forehead, nose, chin and both cheeks. Then, spread the material using the Essential Foundation Brush, starting from the inside of your face, stretching the product outwards. Repeat the operation until obtaining a homogeneous result and a natural finish. As with any other applicator, don’t forget to clean your Essential Foundation Brush regularly to limit the proliferation of bacteria.

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