Take power with the Male Superman

When Superman invites himself on the bottle of Jean-Paul Gaultier
Take power with the Male Superman
Take power with the Male Superman

Since its acquisition by the Puig group, barely more than a year ago, the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand has decided to refocus on its two major fragrances, namely Le Mâle and Le Classique. However, this does not prevent the brand from playing the humor and offset card as always.

After all, isn’t that what makes the hallmark of the talented Jean-Paul Gaultier? This is how the designer decided to revisit his masculine scent. This one now seems to have super powers and adopts the Superman costume. So, are you ready to save the world?

All the strength of Superman in a perfume

If Jean-Paul Gaultier has chosen the hero Superman to sublimate his Le Mâle perfume, it is quite simply because it embodies the image of absolute power. It is all at the same time: strength, seduction and kindness. These qualifiers make him an absolutely irresistible being. What is more, this perfume plunges us into a quirky universe. It is at the same time modern while having a very vintage side.

Indeed, if Superman reappears regularly in current blockbusters, he has been a super hero since 1933. He owes his existence in particular to the American writer Jerry Siegel and to the Canadian artist Joe Shuster. The appearance of this character has become iconic and his costume is now known to everyone: red, blue and yellow leotard, tight boots, tights, belt, red cape and, of course, the famous red S-design on a background. yellow on the chest. It is therefore precisely all this gear that we now find on the front face of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Male.

The new design of the Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Male is always presented to us in its iconic bottle. This takes the form of a male torso. Both realistic and alive, this man of glass has nevertheless exchanged his sailor top of the past for a more silvery appearance. Only its base has retained a slight blue tone. Superman is presented in his iconic posture, flying to the rescue of men and women in danger, his right arm stretched forward.

What is more, the one who was idolized by entire generations seems this time to be the fervent admirer of Jean-Paul Gaultier. He does not hesitate to proclaim it loud and clear, overlooking the slogan “I LOVE GAULTIER”. The whole thing is both unexpected and timeless, intended just as much for lovers of perfumes as for those of comics.

The sensual scent of Male Superman

The Male Superman then seems to have chosen the next place of his exploits: “Here Superman: localized Supergaultier mission.” To do this, he intends to flood the perfume department with its unparalleled power of seduction. Its fragrance now opens with a bright and lively duo of mint and neroli flower. Then, this mass of muscles actually seems to hide a tender heart. Its flavor softens and combines an aromatic scent of sage with the tenderness of tonka bean. The Male Superman finally ends with an irresistible condensed seduction leaving behind him a base of vanilla and sandalwood.

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