L’Homme Prada Water Splash, the new holiday fragrance according to Prada

L’Homme Prada Water Splash, the new holiday fragrance according to Prada
L'Homme Prada Water Splash, the new holiday fragrance according to Prada
L’Homme Prada Water Splash, the new holiday fragrance according to Prada

By opening a new olfactory saga with the fragrance duo L’Homme Prada and La Femme Prada, Miuccia Prada has opened the doors of her fragrant kingdom to the whole world. Made of extreme sophistication, the couple amazes and continues to captivate with their intense or even fresher versions, in 2019 with L’Homme Prada Water Splash and his beautiful companion, here we are again subjugated …

When the Prada Man portrays the ideal vacation to us, he becomes the Prada Water Splash Man

The Prada Man and Woman both wanted to be representative of everything that the beautiful haute couture house successfully offers year after year, this masculine-feminine that has no borders, that is only defined by according to the goodwill of each one. Thus L’Homme Prada will dare to wear the iris with rare elegance while playing with the flower to assert a masculinity that is sometimes hot, sometimes icy, he dares everything and loses us in absolute sophistication.

“Masculinity and femininity are exposed: singularity, individuality, challenge and strong personality. The ensemble constitutes a breakthrough in the very essence of the genre: a dynamic range of expressions that sends out shackles and clichés. »Prada for Men and Women Prada.

What is more, the Prada man is not one man but several, all in reality and this is how the advertising campaigns for the original bottle as for its splendid variations offer us multiple male faces, so that everyone can find there the one that suits him best.

What will we be able to discover in this new opus of 2019 L’Homme Prada Water Splash? Certainly new faces of masculinity but also new tropical paradises where the lands of exile are as hot as hot sand, but where icy water comes to refresh them like a “splash” of unexpected freshness …

The exuberance of flowers for the Man Prada Water Splash bottle

If, as usual, the Prada perfume bottles for both men and women still shine with exceptional sobriety, this new L’Homme Prada Water Splash bottle stands out rather clearly from its companions!

Exotic flowers and shimmering printed patterns inevitably reminiscent of Prada patterns come to dress the bottle of this L’Homme Prada Water Splash to remind us of tropical paradises, idyllic moments of sharing for two. Nevertheless, the imitation Saffiano leather paper like the steel cap reminds us of the refined style of the Prada house which, for this opus, will make us plunge into the delights of a steel blue juice like the sea of ​​a tropical island in the end of the world.

The Prada Water Splash man and his complementary contradictions

From L’Homme Prada to the latest version L’Homme Prada Intense or even L’Homme Prada l’Eau, the house perfumer, Daniela Andrier, constantly amazes us with the shocking encounter between hot and warm. cold, which she will still do wonderfully with the Prada Water Splash Man.

Thus L’Homme Prada Water Splash opens with an opulent and burning opening of neroli flower accompanied by cardamom, while the mandarin blossom offers a dazzling and green freshness against the tide. In the heart, the so elegant iris flower still offers its splendor but is also seen countered by a note of icy and earthy ginger. Finally amber and sandalwood are virile and sensual where vetiver wood offers its fresh nervousness to the whole.

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