Diesel Bad’s advertising campaign

Diesel Bad’s advertising campaign
Diesel Bad's advertising campaign
Diesel Bad’s advertising campaign

Bad, the image of Diesel’s bad boy

Diesel is a renowned Italian brand known around the world and appreciated more particularly by young people for its innovative and sometimes even slightly insolent spirit. Diesel is a brand whose name echoes both relaxation and refinement. A house of character above all, Diesel does not hesitate to proclaim its desire for freedom in each of its creations and in particular through its fragrances. Also, it is precisely this philosophy that we find in the new Bad perfume by Diesel.

Bad’s rebellious advertising campaign

When we ask Diesel to portray the portrait of his new perfume to us, she replies that it is the perfume of a “man in black leather and bewitching magnetism, seducing anyone who crosses his path. However, she also warns the fairer sex: “You can look at him, but please do not touch. He is a free electron. He burns. […] He is an irresistible rebel. “Also, in order to embody the image of this tempting bad-boy, Diesel has chosen to call on the American actor and model Boyd Holbrook. He became known by playing alongside the greatest such as Matt Damon or Michael Douglas. Similarly, it is not his first attempt in terms of muse since he has also worked for the brands Versace, Hugo Boss or Jean-Paul Gaultier. However, Diesel seems to totally reclaim the image of this handsome blonde by transforming him into an adventurer. He appears to us here at the wheel of a large engine, entirely dressed in leather and as if in love with a sudden desire for freedom. This is the image of the Bad perfume from the house Diesel.

Diesel’s anti-conformism

However, note that this universe is not a first for the Diesel brand. This sign is particularly known for its irony and its provocation. It all started in 1991 when Diesel decided to answer the question “How to lead a balanced life?” “Unexpectedly to say the least… By smoking, by wielding weapons and by multiplying sexual relations! Since that day, all of Diesel’s commercials have shown a lot of exuberance: centenarians with a pale complexion drinking their urine in order not to age, particularly sexy and seductive angels, images of porn movies of the 80s diverted in a humorous way … Everything goes. in order to leave no one indifferent. So even though Bad looks like a bad boy to us,

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