L’Homme Prada L’Eau, Prada’s new condensed freshness

L’Homme Prada L’Eau, Prada’s new condensed freshness
L'Homme Prada L'Eau, Prada's new condensed freshness
L’Homme Prada L’Eau, Prada’s new condensed freshness

Before 2016, it had been a few years since Prada had offered new scented creations. Thus, when the Italian brand unveiled its pair of perfumes, these two new essences immediately made a big splash in the world of perfumery. La Femme and L’Homme Prada immediately became icons of perfumery.

Miuccia Prada indicates that she “wanted to present these perfumes together, with the same concept, with the same photographer, so that they are really interchangeable”. Thus, they metamorphose today together and become La Femme and L’Homme L’Eau. They are thus gaining new territory that is fresher than ever. Focus on the male version of this new olfactory couple.

L’Homme Prada L’Eau, an intensely fresh fragrance by Daniela Andrier

L’Homme L’Eau de Prada is a juice that embodies the quintessence of Prada style. It is an essence sewn with noble ingredients and whose refinement is omnipresent. As always, to create this fragrance, the Prada house decided to trust the perfumer Daniela Andrier. Of German origin, this determined and very creative woman was initially oriented towards studying philosophy at the Sorbonne. It was only later that she decided to make perfumery her job.

However, this late decision did not prevent her from climbing the ranks and becoming one of the greatest creators of perfumes on the planet today. Prada does not seem to be able to do without its talents any more. Daniela Andrier has also designed the entire Luna Rossa collection for the Italian brand . This time, she chose to work around a noble iris accord.

Indeed, this plant is one of the most refined and the most expensive of the entire palette of the perfumer. It is here coated in shadow for a particularly sensual rendering. The start of L’Homme L’Eau turns out to be less warm but more incisive and airy. It combines the solar aspect of neroli with the peppery and soapy scent of ginger. Finally, the masculinity of L’Homme L’Eau by Prada takes over. Its composition ends with enveloping and deep notes of cedar and sandalwood.

The L’Homme Prada bottle is dressed in leather with L’Eau

L’Homme Prada L’Eau is then sublimated by an elegant bottle. In reality, this one is very strongly inspired by the silhouette of its predecessors. Just like, he plays on contrasts and assembles contrasting shapes and colors. Its front face is perfectly smooth and comes in a metallic silver color. In contrast to this style, its rear panel forms a curvature and is fully covered in a royal blue leather texture. Thus, Prada creates here a subtle link between its two creative universes, namely perfumery and leather goods. The whole is topped by an elegant chrome spray cap and comes wrapped in an infinitely masculine and resolutely chic cardboard packaging.

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