Smoother and more radiant youthful skin with Clinique’s Smart Night Multi-Dimensional

Smoother and more radiant youthful skin with Clinique’s Smart Night Multi-Dimensional
Smoother and more radiant youthful skin with Clinique's Smart Night Multi-Dimensional
Smoother and more radiant youthful skin with Clinique‘s Smart Night Multi-Dimensional

Today, Clinique is considered to be one of the most renowned brands in the world in terms of cosmetics and skin care. Year after year, Clinique expands its catalog, in order to offer products for all skin types, for all epidermal problems. On the strength of its research, Clinique also realized that the care given to the epidermis was all the more beneficial when they acted during the night. To preserve the youth and radiance of your skin over the long term, the brand has therefore imagined the Smart Night Multi-Dimensional, a restorative and anti-aging treatment, acting on several dimensions while you sleep.

The benefits of a cosmetic night care

It’s a fact: providing daytime skin care is particularly beneficial. In fact, on a daily basis, the skin surface is your body’s first protective shield. It is she who is in direct contact with the outside elements and who suffers the full force of all kinds of attacks such as cold, wind, UV rays or pollution. However, night care is another cosmetic product that should not be overlooked. While you sleep, the skin takes advantage of this lull to better regenerate itself. During the night, the cellular activity of the skin is in full swing. The epidermis renews itself and the skin surface regenerates. The care given to it in the evening is therefore all the more beneficial. It is precisely at this moment that Clinique’s Smart Night Multi-Dimensional intervenes.

A smooth cream for sensitive skin

Clinique’s Smart Night Multi-Dimensional is hidden in a small purple 30ml tube. Inside, this cosmetic case contains a smooth cream, as soft as it is pleasant to apply. It glides over the skin, penetrates deeply and leaves no sticky feeling behind. Ideal for all skin types, it can be used daily, on clean, dry skin, just before going to bed. Its formula is dermatologically tested. Guaranteed anti-allergy, it contains no perfume and is perfectly suitable for all skin surfaces, even the most sensitive.

The Multi-Dimensional Smart Night, all the power of retinol

The Smart Night Clinic Multi-Dimensional is a carefully developed from retinol. Its formula contains 0.3%. However, this is enough to bring profound benefits to your skin, as it is an infinitely potent ingredient. More specifically, retinol is an active form of vitamin A, renowned for its anti-aging benefits. Day after day, Clinique’s Smart Night Multi-Dimensional acts on skin aging. This treatment revitalizes the skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The complexion gradually becomes more uniform and the skin regains all its radiance. For a smoother skin surface, the pores are also reduced. The skin is repaired. Better hydrated, it recovers in depth and regenerates more intensely.

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