Shay Mitchell, muse for Cacharel’s new Yes I Am Fabulous ad

Shay Mitchell, muse for Cacharel’s new Yes I Am Fabulous ad
Shay Mitchell, muse for Cacharel's new Yes I Am Fabulous ad
Shay Mitchell, muse for Cacharel’s new Yes I Am Fabulous ad

Advertising: Shay Mitchell, new face of Cacharel’s Yes I Am Fabulous perfume

The Yes I Am perfume marked a real turning point in Cacharel’s history. Indeed, for a long time, the sign was considered a luxury house for young girls, often delivering a very romantic, tender and poetic message. However, this time, the young woman seems to have grown up, to become a much more sensual being, with unbridled charm. Presented in a lipstick-shaped bottle, the Yes I Am fragrance now comes with a new derivative. Yes I Am Fabulous is highlighted in an unprecedented commercial, whose muse is none other than the model and actress Shay Mitchell.

Yes I Am Fabulous, a glamorous and daring fragrance

How is the new Yes I Am Fabulous so different from its predecessors? To put it simply, the first version of the range was aimed at powerful and independent women. Then, a year later, Cacharel unveiled Yes I Am Pink First, for more fun and cool women, taking life with gusto. This latest edition, Yes I Am Fabulous, combines daring, glamor and sensuality. Presented in a new purple tinted bottle, Yes I Am Fabulous surprises with its strong fruity content. It opens with notes of blackberry and rhubarb, tickled with black pepper. Then, cardamom floats a breath of freshness on the whole, before being relayed by a floral heart of jasmine, ginger flower and heliotrope. It all ends with a smooth and enveloping base of sandalwood and vanilla.

Shay Mitchell, muse of Cacharel

To embody the image of this new woman on the screen, the Cacharel house has set its sights on one of the most fashionable female figures of the moment: the actress, model and Canadian influencer Shay Mitchell. On screen, the young woman is mainly known for her role in the series “Pretty Little Liars”, in the guise of Emily Fields, or in “You”, where she appears alongside Penn Badgley. Very fashionable model, Shay Mitchell captivates by her dark beauty as by her natural charisma. She is also one of the most sought-after personalities on social networks. With his 27 million followers on Instagram, Shay Mitchell inevitably reserves an advertisement of choice for the new perfume of Cacharel.

Yes I Am Fabulous, the scent of an active and connected woman

Particulièrement indépendante et sûre d’elle dans la vie, Shay Mitchell se contente de jouer son propre rôle à l’écran, face aux caméras de l’agence So Me, qui a réalisé la publicité de Cacharel. Ici, elle exprime toute la diversité de son caractère féminin. Relayant toutes les activités rythmant sa vie sur les réseaux sociaux, Shay Mitchell s’affiche ici aux côtés d’autres influenceuses de renommée mondiale, de quoi rajeunir l’image de Cacharel et attirer vers elle la jeune génération.

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