Dior Homme Intensifies the extreme sensuality of an evening fragrance

Dior Homme Intensifies the extreme sensuality of an evening fragrance
Dior Homme Intensifies the extreme sensuality of an evening fragrance
Dior Homme Intensifies the extreme sensuality of an evening fragrance

Dior Homme was born in 2005 from the talents of designer Olivier Polge, certainly one of the most talented noses of his generation. The beautiful and delicate first opus was so popular with men that it was quickly joined by Dior Homme Cologne and Dior Homme Intense, both composed by François Demachy. If Cologne plays with its freshness to surprise us, the intense version does not hesitate, on the contrary, to play with sensuality to become even more addictive!

Between shadows and lights, Dior Homme Intense

The man from Dior Homme is a handsome, attractive, luxurious and very elegant man. He wears the beautiful collection of Dior Homme tuxedos and is perfumed with fragrances made from first-class raw materials. A bit classic, even deliciously vintage, the man from Dior Homme is irresistible and he knows it!

Logically enough, when François Demachy offered an intense version of Dior Homme just two years after the first opus, it had to exhale the same values ​​of refinement as the original perfume. By choosing to compose an advertisement and a visual with Jude Law as a charming ambassador, Dior Homme Intense showed a little more its scent convictions!

Indeed, the classicism of the Dior Homme Intense film shot by Guy Ritchie adds an additional retro charm to this perfume. Black and white sets worthy of a Hitchcock of the 50s, a Jude Law as seductive as bewitching in a ballet of seduction with a splendid woman and a beautiful convertible driving in a deserted Paris are the key ingredients of this spot in the rare elegance.

“Jude Law represents here the elegance of a sensual and complex man, like the perfume Dior Homme Intense. Jude Law admirably serves the image of Dior by offering its beauty and daring to the Parisian label. »1 Vogue for Dior Homme Intense.

Dior Homme Intense plays with the elegance of iris and the beauty of amber notes

How not to use the beautiful bottle developed for Dior Homme to highlight Dior Homme Intense? The thick glass block remains as well as the steel tube plunging into the heart of the perfume, however the colors of the juice are more amber and intense than ever.

As for the composition of Dior Homme Intense, it is intended to be just as powerful while having retained the aromatic start of its eldest, namely the successful marriage of sage and lavender with a hint of bergamot. At the heart of the Ecuadorian ambrette and the ambergris combine their sensual animality with the greediness of a cocoa note. The iconic Italian iris punctuates this captivating heart with a few powdery notes. Finally, Virginia cedar and vetiver merge their woody nervousness with notes of patchouli and leather to create intense depths in this beautiful oriental.

“The extreme nobility and sophistication displayed by an ample and powerful Eau de Parfum. […] A carnal writing whose wake is a call. »Dior for Dior Homme Intense.

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