Si Passione, the ad with Cate Blanchett

Si Passione, the ad with Cate Blanchett
Si Passione, the ad with Cate Blanchett
Si Passione, the ad with Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett once again embodies the cult face of Armani

“Sì is my homage to modern femininity, an irresistible blend of grace, strength and a spirit of independence. This is what characterizes one of Armani’s most famous lines of feminine perfumes since its creation in 2013.

Femininity has always guided the spirit of initiative of the Italian brand. Nevertheless, it takes on a new dimension here through its latest olfactory conception. Armani is currently presenting us with Si Passione, an original fragrance loaded with grace and luminosity. From then on, all that was missing was an advertisement to accompany his arrival. It is now done. For the occasion, Cate Blanchett is dressed in red and all of the brand’s communication focuses on this iconic beauty.

Si Passione, a tribute to femininity

Through this new juice, the Armani brand wanted to reveal a more contemporary femininity. Once again, Si Passione presents itself as a declaration of freedom, love and life.

This powerful reinterpretation brings a new dimension to the personality of the Armani woman. He presents it from a more intrepid, daring and assertive angle. More than ever, he is the embodiment of an Italian who does not lack character! Moreover, its radiance and its power show through from the vision of its bottle. For the occasion, it is lacquered in a vibrant and particularly energizing red. It is a “positive red, which feels good,” explains Giorgio Armani.

Protected in its case, this fragrance borrows its blackcurrant nectar, rose and bewitching vanilla from its predecessor. However, other ingredients bring a certain novelty to it. The pear illuminates its structure with a sparkling and juicy sparkle. The rose is now accompanied by a jasmine absolute for an even more floral heart. Si Passione retains a certain transparency . It displays a femininity that is both delicate and powerful. Finally, Si Passione ends with a base of cedar and vanilla for a modern, deep and daring result.

An Armani advertisement that refocuses on the essential

So it is precisely all this balance that we find in the advertising for Si Passione. Once again, the brand called on the talented Cate Blanchett to embody the image of this fragrance. It must be said that her blonde hair and her devastating charm have become inseparable from the brand. Between the beautiful Australian and the Armani brand, it’s a story that lasts!

Ici, elle se recentre tout simplement sur l’essentiel et nous livre différents portraits. Cate Blanchett explique que « travailler un rôle c’est trouver le ton juste du personnage ». Ici, différentes expressions se succèdent. Cate Blanchett apparaît simplement vêtue d’un tailleur pantalon rouge revêtu sur sa peau nue. Ce nouveau coloris se marie à merveille à son teint angélique et la comédienne est entourée d’innombrables flacons démesurés du nouveau Si Passione. Le tout se joue sur la bande son « Closer To You » de Hyphen Hyphen, déjà précédemment utilisée dans la publicité de la dernière version de Si d’Armani.

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