Lancôme’s Crayon Khôl, all the grace of ancient Egypt

Lancôme’s Crayon Khôl, all the grace of ancient Egypt
Lancôme's Crayon Khôl, all the grace of ancient Egypt
Lancôme‘s Crayon Khôl, all the grace of ancient Egypt

A look worthy of the most beautiful queens of Egypt with the Crayon Khôl by Lancôme

Crayon Khôl is one of the oldest makeup products. Formerly, 4000 years ago, it had mainly a medicinal purpose. It was then a mineral powder composed mainly of lead, sulfur and animal fat. Fortunately, cosmetology has greatly improved this product. Today, all that remains is its intense black color which is reminiscent of the makeup that the Egyptians drew on the contour of their eyes. Focus on the Crayon Khôl by Lancôme.

Le Crayon Khôl, for sophisticated make-up

The Khôl Crayon is sufficient on its own and allows you to sublimate any look as long as you know how to apply it correctly. Traditionally, it is applied to the inner edge of the eyelid. Coming from northern Africa, he has incorporated all of Lancôme’s know-how into its composition. The result is a very versatile pencil that can be used just as much to achieve sensual and daring makeup, a sophisticated and glamorous result or a smoky makeup. Lancôme has paid particular attention to its recipe and its smoothness. Thus, the Crayon Khôl by Lancômeembellished with a melting mine that glides perfectly on the skin. This only makes it easier to apply. Its high definition color is particularly pigmented. Thus, in a single pass, the Crayon Khôl by Lancôme draws a precise, clean and intense line. Several colors are available to vary your looks to infinity. Compact, it is a small makeup product that is easy to slip into a handbag. Thus, it will never leave you and will allow you to make small alterations during the day. The Crayon Khôl could well become one of your best allies of seduction!

How to apply your Khôl Crayon?

Lancôme’s Crayon Khôl can be used in different ways. To give relief to your gaze, all you have to do is draw a line below your eye, by sliding its lead along its inner edge. Next, highlight the upper fringe of your lashes, staying as close to their roots as possible. For a more glamorous result, don’t forget to extend your features beyond the outer corner of your eye, to form a sort of comma. This will lengthen the outline of your eyes, which is very useful for people with rather round or quite small eyes. To get a more even line, we recommend that you draw dotted lines along your lashes and blend them together with a small brush. Note that Crayon Khôl can be used alone or combined with different eyeshadows. With a simple gesture, he gives free rein to all your inventiveness. Timeless and timeless, it manages to sublimate any woman in a simple passage.

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