Loverdose Red Kiss chewable floriental scent!

Loverdose Red Kiss chewable floriental scent!
Loverdose Red Kiss A delicious Floriental!

Did the magnificent Loverdose released in 2011 already conquer you? So this new Diesel fragrance with the taste of stolen kiss audaciously named Loverdose Red Kiss would make you totally addicted to these gourmet scents! Always as addictive as its brilliant predecessors but still passionate, Loverdose Red Kiss was composed by a duo of talented perfumers to make you succumb.

Loverdose Red Kiss or the dizziness of love

Diesel perfumes have a taste for risk and adventure at least as much as their Italian and whimsical creator Renzo Rosso. Fuel for Life, Only The brave or even the splendid Loverdose had already demonstrated it many times, Loverdose Red Kiss persists and signs!

Loverdose fragrances are not consensual fragrances , they are cut to amaze but also and above all to seduce, much more to make you totally addicted like a sweet and scented drug that we could not do without. After Loverdose and Loverdose Tattoo, it is Loverdose Red kiss that takes us captive in its scented streaks of luminous orange blossom and greedy hazelnut.

“Gourmet and seductive, the Loverdose Red Kiss woman calls for temptation and turns heads in a whirlwind of thrills. The world is fading away. The temperature is rising. »L’Oréal for Diesel and Loverdose Red Kiss.

For this new Loverdose Red Kiss campaign, Diesel will not choose the muse per se, but rather a charming and intense bright red mouth. The film Loverdose Red Kiss, intense and punctuated like the pulsations of a flaming heart will be shot by Nathalie Canguilhem with the single star of this fascinating and so astonishing red mouth. As a result, the campaign is incredibly effective, the flood of images overwhelms us like a flood of thought contained in passionate flashes. Loverdose Red Kiss is everywhere, her lips follow us step by step like the scent of her fragrance …

The meeting of an orange blossom and a hazelnut for an addicting Loverdose Red Kiss

How to imagine that the precious faceted vial of Loverdose fairy tales could not contain the pretty juice of this Loverdose Red Kiss? This time, she dyed herself a bright red, like fiery lips, while still letting her juice “pierce her heart” by her black spray dagger.

Loverdose Red Kiss was composed by Mathilde Bijaoui & Violaine Collas for Diesel. The perfumers wanted to offer us a dazzling and fresh start of lemon and tangerine before dazzling us with their flowers. Because jasmine and orange blossom literally ignite the heart of the fragrance to marry fruity and sweet notes of apricot, apple and intense red fruits. Finally, the amber woods play the sensual hosts of addictive and slightly regressive delicacies of caramel, vanilla and cocoa.

“The woman who wears this perfume causes accidents of overheating on those and those who approach it… Without ever getting burned. »Diesel for Loverdose Red Kiss.

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