Loverdose Diesel’s scented love potion

Loverdose Diesel’s scented love potion
Loverdose Diesel's love potion
Loverdose Diesel‘s love potion

In love with perfumes with an assertive personality, Diesel proposed in 2011 an explosive cocktail of feminine and sensual flavors which was called Loverdose , just that! Created by two big names in French perfumery, Olivier Cresp and Honorine Blanc, Loverdose brings men to their knees and makes these ladies irresistible with its assertive sensuality and gourmet and oriental scents. We would even whisper that two of its molecules would be aphrodisiacs… You won’t resist!

Loverdose: between love and addiction, a magical fragrance!

The Italian brand of clothing, but especially jeans, Diesel shines as much for the quality of its cuts as for the audacity of its creations and its advertising. When the house launched into perfumery, Renzo Rosso, the eccentric and demanding boss of the brand, wanted to exude the same insolent and passionate values ​​in his perfumes as in his jeans. The beautiful range of perfumes for men and women Fuel for Life or even Only the brave have never denied the founder of these decidedly brilliant daring!

So obviously when Diesel chooses to offer a feminine perfume , it could only be chic and shocking, luminous and radiant, delicately sensual as well as excessively sexual! Olivier Cresp and Honorine Blanc have created from their seasoned noses a Loverdose totally in the image of the grandiose house Diesel.

In addition to its flashy but nevertheless very delicate composition, Loverdose prides itself on a communication as cocacious and sexy as the image that Diesel has given us for several years. The glamorous muse Ashley Smith does not hesitate to overplay the devastating effect of Loverdose in an advertising film with a universe as rock’n’roll as quirky. As for the visual, it is obviously as sensual as the beautiful muse and her irresistible pout.
Remember, Loverdose is “a weapon of seduction as beautiful as it is fatal” according to Diesel!

A powerful liquorice for an oriental-woody potion called Loverdose

The magnificent multi-faceted heart-shaped bottle of Loverdose is a feat of technology as much as of aesthetics. Reminding us of the vial of poison (or love potion?) From fairy tales, Loverdose adorns us with a dagger planted in the heart of the glass to better diffuse its juice.

Loverdose has fun making us believe in a fresh start of juicy lemons and tangerines as if to better deceive his enemy. And yet, at the heart, the power of licorice attacks us head-on and is mixed with a fresh and aromatic star anise. Gardenia and jasmine preserve us from the aphrodisiac power of licorice to carry us towards flowering lights. But the liquorice liqueur once again brings its final blow to the ultra sensual depths of vanilla and amber. The man is touched, he is waiting for you!

Loverdose “makes those who wear it irresistible, and those who approach it mad with love” according to Diesel. You were warned!

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