New fragrance Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental

New fragrance Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental
New fragrance Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental
New fragrance Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental

Oriental Vetiver, Serge Lutens’ passion for noble raw materials

“Always, I wanted to change. Child: from family, friends and later, from country. Ah, I forgot! Of sex! Finally everything, until this vetiver which, when it moves away from Cologne, sinks lasciviously into an oriental velvet. It is in its own right that it presents its scent, on a bitumen of cistus. A wax! “. Once again, designer Serge Lutens takes us into an enigmatic universe with his Oriental Vetiver fragrance. As always, he nobility reinterprets one of the most famous ingredients in perfumery. This essence is a journey, a bewitching of the senses which is available as much in the feminine as in the masculine.

An oriental fragrance signed Serge Lutens

Oriental or amber fragrances are one of the seven major families of essences used in perfumery. As the name of Serge Lutens’ perfume immediately indicates, Vétiver Oriental belongs to this category. Oriental perfumes began to conquer the hearts of the French in the 20th century thanks to François Coty. Since that day, they have intrigued us by their part of exoticism and we are asked to take a simple breath to the other side of the world. What is more, they are also essences very appreciated for their sensual and seductive aspect.

Vetiver Oriental is a juice that is intended for both men and women . It has many facets and thus makes it possible to satisfy a multitude of desires. Vetiver Oriental is a juice intended for lovers of a great woody fragrance. However, do not think that Serge Lutens is going to the point. He turned his woody fragrance into a rare and majestic nectar. Thus, through Vétiver Oriental, it is all the passion of Serge Lutens for the beautiful essences and the voyages which reappears with a simple breath.

Vetiver revisited by Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake

Of course, vetiver is the major ingredient in this composition. It is a plant that comes to us from India and whose root is dried and then distilled. Vetiver did not begin to be used in perfumery until the beginning of the 20th century. Its massive use, meanwhile, reached records in the 1970s. Very often, vetiver is used as a fixer. In other words, it is an ingredient that increases the tenacity of perfumes and their durability. Vetiver is a seductive ingredient known for its powerful, slightly smoky, earthy and vegetal scent.

Through this fragrance, Serge Lutens offers us a rare vetiver with balsamic accents. It brings vetiver a new, more daring reading. To help him in this arduous task, Serge Lutens called on Christopher Sheldrake. It must be said that the two men are widely used to working together. Since 1995, Christopher Sheldrake is considered the second man of the house Serge Lutens.

The composition of the Oriental Vetiver fragrance

Vetiver Oriental is a fragrance whose recipe remains quite mysterious, as always with Serge Lutens. It is accompanied by guaiac wood with a smoky rose scent. The iris, for its part, reinforces the powdery smell and the nobility of this juice. The chocolate gives it a certain amount of delicacy, while the sandalwood envelops it in these milky scents. Amber further underlines the belonging of this fragrance to the oriental family. Finally, musk further enhances the animality and sensuality of Oriental Vetiver at its base.

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