New perfume Only The Brave Street by Diesel

STREET the perfume Diesel Only The Brave
New perfume Only The Brave Street by Diesel
New perfume Only The Brave Street by Diesel

Diesel Only The Brave Street Eau de Toilette, respect for the street is essential

Famous for its ultra young and modern jeans, the Diesel brand has been able to innovate and become a major perfume brand. Dynamic and nonconformist, the Diesel brand offers perfumes in its image. Her first fragrance Fuel for Life was born in 2007 and symbolizes a real magic potion, a surprisingly sensual potion. Released in 2009, Only The Brave is a fragrance that perfectly embodies masculinity. The scent of rebellious men tells the story of those who dare to assert themselves. After many variations, the brand unveils Only The Brave Street Eau de Toilette.

Only The Brave Street, all the energy of the street in a bottle

True to its trademark, Only The Brave perfume is once again the embodiment of the man who asserts himself. Dynamic and imposing like his fist, the Diesel man is not afraid of anything. After magnificent variations such as ” Only The Brave Tattoo , Only The Brave Wild , Only The Brave High, Only The Brave Extreme ”or even Only The Brave Silver, the Diesel brand presents a much more urban version with Only The Brave Street Eau de Toilette. Here, the city, especially the street, is the playground for Diesel men. Here, they freely express their art. The “street attitude” is now de rigueur which implies respect, surpassing oneself, courage and pride. In the street, everyone has the opportunity to go beyond their limits. To represent the “Street attitude”, Diesel called upon Twins, Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, dancer choreographers, world-famous.

The energetic notes of Only The Brave Street Diesel

The composition by Nelly Hachem-Ruiz begins with the fresh multifaceted notes of bergamot, basil and apple immediately conferring a surprisingly fresh intensity. The heart combines a powerful accord, but at the very least unexpected, with the presence of cardamom and liquorice. Finally, the trail is woody and very masculine and combines vanilla, vetiver and cedar wood. The precious nectar is contained in the iconic “Coup de Poing” bottle from Diesel. Here, it sports a concrete bottle, gray in color, predominantly urban and dynamic. The bottle is also enhanced by an orange thread that surrounds a silver-colored cabochon. Here, the iconic “Coup de poing” bottle, inspired by the work of Robert Graham, has adapted from the colors and materials used in the street.

Become famous in 2009, the fragrance Only The Brave is the embodiment of modern and self-confident men. A real success, Only The Brave has given birth to many variations, including Only The Brave Street, released in 2018. Always as dynamic, the latter represents the “Street Attitude” as well as all the talents that can be developed in the street . On the program, respect, assurance and dignity …

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