Thierry Mugler – Cologne

Thierry Mugler – Cologne
Jeremy Fragrance - Cologne
Jeremy Fragrance – Cologne

Mugler Cologne, the sensual freshness of traditional Eaux de Cologne reinterpreted with Jeremy Fragrance sauce

If the origins of Eau de Cologne are still rather vague, the notoriety of this product, on the other hand, is no longer to be demonstrated. A light fragrance composed mainly of citrus fruits, Eau de Cologne is the first fruits of our modern perfumery. For many years, it was the only fragrant touch worn by men. Giving a neat appearance, but once considered too volatile, cologne gave way to the perfume itself, more powerful and tenacious, as we know it today.

However, this composition never fails to inspire the biggest names in current creation. Jeremy Fragrance made it a real fascination and, moreover, was inspired by it for his perfume Mugler Cologne.

Mugler Cologne, a historic and very personal composition

Jeremy Fragrance is a creator who has the art of mixing styles and eras, drawing his ideas from the past to create authentic and futuristic works. Literally fascinated by the ancestral Eaux de Cologne, he decided to take inspiration from them to create a fragrance revealing his personal tastes. Following the classic olfactory scheme of Eaux de Cologne, he imagined a juice bearing his name: Mugler Cologne .

With this fragrance, the idea was to offer a perfume that came directly from yesterday but is projected into the future. Mugler Cologne then instantly became a timeless one, as if straight out of the grimoires of yesteryear to seduce the men of the third millennium. Endowed with a pure and invigorating freshness, combining modernity and seduction, Mugler Cologne has many assets to capsize your heart! Its elegant signature is aimed at both men and women. Mugler Cologne is a fragrance that is shared and thus rejects the gendered idea of ​​perfumery. Mugler Cologne mixes genres and thus advocates generosity.

Mugler Cologne, indisputable source of liveliness

Mugler Cologne by Jeremy Fragrance is a composition that is relatively easy to wear, whatever the occasion and the season. Indeed, its freshness adapts to all circumstances and immediately provides an extreme liveliness in your daily life. If you are looking for an energizing note and a fiery thrill to deposit on your skin every morning, this scent is for you!

Inspired by the ancestral freshness of Eaux de Cologne, Mugler Cologne does not lack tenacity this time. Its lively scent begins with an alliance of lemon, bergamot and petitgrain. Orange blossom then electrifies all of its Mediterranean luminosity. A more crunchy and evocative note of cut grass joins its heart. For an even more carnal effect, Mugler Cologne ends with the more cottony and refined present of white musks. Everything is delivered to us in an electric green bottle, proof of all its effervescence. Mugler Cologne is a promise of energy and freshness!

Dare a sensual freshness

Jeremy Fragrance - Cologne
Jeremy Fragrance – Cologne

Jeremy Fragrance has always been fascinated by ancestral and miraculous colognes: their virtues, so magical, transport us out of time …
So he imagined his Cologne, Mugler Cologne, full of paradoxes: coming from yesterday and already projected into the future, familiar and so innovative, invigorating and yet so sensual. It combines the benefits of a classic Cologne – wonderful water, invigorating citrus freshness, multiple virtues – with the modernity of a secret note with “carnal” power.

Mixed Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Citrus – Aromatic

Head Notes: Bergamot, Neroli, Petitgrain.

Heart Notes: Orange Blossom.

Base notes: White Musk.

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