Si Passione Intense, the indomitable fragrance now seductive

Si Passione Intense, the indomitable fragrance now seductive
Si Passione Intense, the indomitable fragrance now seductive
Si Passione Intense, the indomitable fragrance now seductive

Si Passione Intense, the new indomitable fragrance from the seductress of Armani!

It was in 2013 that the Si d’Armani perfume made its appearance. If it is still fairly recent in the history of modern perfumery, it nevertheless has immense notoriety. Si d’Armani is the perfect embodiment of the elegant, refined and indomitable woman who is readily associated with the image of this Italian brand. However, on the strength of its success, Si has been revisited several times throughout its history. Even today, the Armani brand has decided to give birth to one of its new successors. More fiery and seductive than ever, the newcomer for the year 2020 is called Si Passione Intense and is aimed at all women who are not afraid to display their sensuality in the eyes of all!



 Cate Blanchett, irreplaceable muse of Si Passione Intense

As always, to embody the image of the new Si Passione Intense, Armani called on Cate Blanchett. It must be said that she embodies better than any other woman the image of this fragrance, since the release of the very first Si d’Armani, in 2013. Particularly elegant, she seems to have lived several lives, which has given an irreplaceable charisma, which resurfaces on all sides and bursts the screen! If Passione Intense is precisely designed for this kind of woman. It is addressed to all those that one notices and whose captivating steps leave an indelible memory in memory.

Si Passione Intense, the iconic Armani bottle is tinted with a dazzling red

Si Passione Intense is displayed in a bottle completely tinted with red, except for its cap. Even the base of this new container has swapped its transparency for a flamboyant shine! After all, what better color than the latter to symbolize ardor, attraction, passion and danger? However, this is precisely what it is about in this new juice. Here, the rigor of a thick glass cube faces a cap with generous curves. Red is opposed to opaque black. With Si Passione Intense, it’s all about contrasts. Yet the whole visual sound displays absolute harmony. Golden notes also illuminate its bottle, as if to remind you that it is an infinitely chic perfume.

The fruity and floral recipe of Si Passione Intense

So what can this tempting bottle hide? To develop its recipe, Armani called on the perfumer Julie Massé, who chose to take the main notes of the previous Si Passione, while making them more powerful and exuberant. First, the blackcurrant syrup gives this fragrance a tangy, fruity and juicy touch. Then, the heart of Si Passione Intense lights up with a floral and feminine jasmine. Little by little, the indomitable character of the Armani woman resurfaces in a woody base of cedar and patchouli. Finally, Si Passione Intense ends with a suave duo of vanilla and white musk.

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