Si Passione, the new Armani box set

Si Passione, the new Armani box set
Si Passione, the new Armani box set
Si Passione, the new Armani box set

The bright red of Armani returns in the never-before-seen box of Si Passione

The end of the year celebrations are both eagerly awaited but can also quickly become a real headache. How to find the right gift under the Christmas tree? The perfume remains undoubtedly one of the favorite presents on this occasion. The biggest luxury brands have understood this and this is why many boxes are appearing each year during this period. The Armani brand is not left out and has therefore decided to sublimate its latest creation. The Si Passione perfume is invited in a unique box.

Si Passione, the essence of a sulphurous woman

Let’s start by talking a little about the Armani woman. The Si Passione perfume, new to 2018 , is undoubtedly aimed at all those who are not cold in their eyes and who like to be noticed. It is a question here of an unbridled femininity without falling into the escalation of extravagance. With Si Passione, sensuality turns out to be very elegant. She just leaves no one indifferent. Si Passione is for all those who have an immeasurable thirst for life and who are not afraid to assert themselves as they are. He gives us the portrait of a woman full of nuances, with her multiple personalities and her contradictions. The result is a deep and daring juice, mixing serenity, femininity and strength.

The floral and seductive scent of Si Passione

On a purely olfactory level, Si Passione brings a new dimension to this scented collection and to this box. This time, he wants to be more intense and leaves behind an imprint full of daring. Si Passione reappears in this new box but its formula remains unchanged. It takes off on very fruity top notes, combining blackcurrant and pear. Then, this syrupy nectar gives way to a more bewitching floral bouquet of rose and jasmine absolute. Vanilla, for its part, brings a sulphurous touch to the whole. Intense and dark, it blends with the sassy character of cedar wood.

Armani’s flamboyant box

From now on, Si Passione is presented in an entirely red box, echoing the color of this new fragrance. The word Armani, meanwhile, is displayed in two ways on its front panel. On the left, it is presented in the brand’s classic writing, in a white color. In its center, on the other hand, it is much more extravagant. In golden and very geometric letters, it does not go unnoticed. This box contains three products from the same range. The 50 ml spray of Si Passione is accompanied here by a spray of 15 ml bags and Eyes to Kill mascara. This little makeup tool is an absolute weapon of seduction. In a single pass, it allows to obtain an aerial volume and an extreme length of the eyelashes. With such attributes in your possession,

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