Si Rose Signature, Armani’s latest creation

Si Rose Signature, Armani’s latest creation
Si Rose Signature, Armani's latest creation
Si Rose Signature, Armani’s latest creation

Armani is an Italian house recognized for its legendary class and natural elegance. Also, its fragrance Si from 2013 is one of its great successes and fits perfectly with the image of the brand. In this case, she embodies great femininity while not shying away from her Italian origins and affirming her refinement. Thus, at the start of 2016, the Armani house has just announced the future release of a variation of this cult essence. This will be the new Si Rose Signature.

The new bottle of Si Rose Signature

At the sight of this new bottle, fans of the brand will not be lost. Indeed, the latter mainly resumes the look of its elder. In this case, it adopts the shape of a rectangular glass case rising towards the sky and giving off tapered edges. Its base is then underlined with a golden line which is repeated at the level of its collar. The latter are then present as if to further assert the prestige of the Armani house. Here, there is no question of unnecessary frills. The general appearance of this container is quite uncluttered. However, its cabochon is not lacking in originality. Its opaque black color contrasts with the rest of the case while its curved shapes are in total opposition to the straighter aspect of its base. However, on the occasion of the release of the new Si Rose Signature, an additional detail adorns this bottle. A pale pink silk scarf adorns its center. The latter is perfectly matched to the iridescent pink color of its juice and wonderfully symbolizes all the femininity that is contained in the heart of this bottle.

Armani reinforces her femininity

In order to further assert the femininity of its essence, Armani called on perfumer Julie Massé. If Rose Signature is therefore a true concentrate of rose. In this case, we find more precisely the May rose as well as the Damask rose. Likewise, the delicacy so characteristic of women shines through iris, osmanthus and freesia. On the other hand, Armani once again offers us an essence of the most prestigious. Indeed, ambrette seeds bring a musky aspect to the whole. The blackcurrant buds, for their part, give off fruity and somewhat minty scents. These two ingredients are exclusively reserved for fine perfumery given their high price. Si Rose Signature thus asserts its prestige and is undeniably anchored in the family of luxury essences. In addition, beyond its very feminine appearance, Si Rose Signature is also an invigorating fragrance. It draws its dynamism in particular through bergamot and tangerine.

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