L’Eau d’Issey Summer Homme, Issey Miyake’s ray of sunshine

L’Eau d’Issey Summer Homme, Issey Miyake’s ray of sunshine
L'Eau d'Issey Summer Homme, Issey Miyake's ray of sunshine
L’Eau d’Issey Summer Homme, Issey Miyake’s ray of sunshine

L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme is an essential essence of men’s perfumery. It is described as being a juice that gets to the point. It is all in power, freshness and virility and pays homage to the power of water. Also, his temperament very quickly seduced the male race. In order to satisfy the followers of this perfume, Issey Miyaké publishes a summer edition every new summer. We should see the brand new Eau d’Issey Summer 2016 for Men appear within a few weeks. This one is announced as being tangy and exotic, fruity and fresh, woody and virile.

The summer scent of L’Eau d’Issey Summer 2016 for Men

In order to achieve his new male juice, Issey Miyakécalled on the talented perfumer Alberto Morillas. This one imagined an original and daring toiletry. Nevertheless, this one is absolutely not heady and thus corresponds perfectly to the hot summer days. The latter opens with a fairly rare ingredient in perfumery, namely kiwi. This brings a fruity, green and tangy touch from the top notes. However, it is embellished with grapefruit. This citrus then releases all its freshness and combines with the very spicy aspect of coriander. Then, the heart of L’Eau d’Issey Summer 2016 pour Homme accentuates its exotic facet. In particular, it is full of pineapple, a fairly rare ingredient in men’s perfumery. In this case, it is most often used in perfumes for women. Nevertheless, he brought here a particularly appreciable hint of gluttony. It is then associated with the oriental and spicy smell of nutmeg. Finally, Eau d’Issey Summer 2016 for Men is evolving towards more masculinity. This is reflected in particular through the presence of vetiver as well as through the cypress.

Issey Miyake’s new bottle

Of course, a new scent essence would be nothing without a new bottle. Also, in order to create the new container of Eau d’Issey Summer 2016 pour Homme, Issey Miyake called on the talented artist Michelle McKinney. The latter was strongly inspired by the emblematic bottle of L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme. We find in particular its frank, imposing and contemporary silhouette. This case displays a pure line and sharp angles. His look is thus particularly manly. Nevertheless, it is embellished with a touch of very summery color. Indeed, Eau d’Issey for Menwas designed in a blue evoking the color of the sea or that of a sky lit by a magnificent sun. This is located at its base and its cabochon. It then displays a deep contrast with the transparency of the rest of the case. The rendering is absolutely sublime and is further embellished with a sort of mysterious flower affixed to its center. You only have to catch a glimpse of this perfume to suddenly have cravings for vacation.

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