Serge Lutens Bourreau des Fleurs perfume

Serge Lutens Bourreau des Fleurs perfume
Serge Lutens Hangman of Flowers
Serge Lutens Hangman of Flowers

Bourreau des Fleurs, the new contrasting and mysterious fragrance by Serge Lutens

Most of Serge Lutenscreations are presented directly in his shop in the Palais Royal. After all, this emblematic place of the brand has such splendor that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it! However, to unveil his last two creations, the perfumer preferred to gather his guests in the Hall des Maréchaux, rue de Rivoli, in Paris.

In this space dominated by white, totally bathed in light and with a breathtaking view of the Carrousel Gardens, he notably unveiled his creation called Bourreau des Fleurs. This perfume displays an extraordinary nobility and fits perfectly into the enigmatic and fascinating universe of Serge Lutens.

La Section d’Or by Serge Lutens

After having proven himself in prestigious design houses such as Dior and Shiseido, Serge Lutens decided to found his own brand in 1992. He set up his first boutique in the heart of the Palais Royal in Paris. He completely designed the layout of this personal space and made it an exceptional place.

If Serge Lutens created his brand, it is with the aim of working in total independence, to let his creativity fully express itself and to boldly specify his taste for perfumery. Indeed, Serge Lutens is an explorer whose creations are unlike those of any other luxury brand. In general, he produces two essences per year. The year 2017 has already been blessed with the Dent de Lait fragrance. Bourreau des Fleurs thus completes this duo. This juice also joins Serge Lutens’ most prestigious collection: the Section d’Or.

This assortment of perfumes brings together all the most beautiful pieces from the Serge Lutens collection. Through it, the creator seems to “go beyond reason”. Serge Lutens explains that Section d’Or is “part of its expression”. Section d’Or goes “beyond a collection”. It is about “the signature of exception of Serge Lutens”.

Bourreau des Fleurs, a very personal fragrance

Like all the perfumes of Serge Lutens, Bourreau des Fleurs is accompanied by a very mysterious quote : “‘All the more so I will open my eyes, you will close yours”, said the low voice of the Executioner to the Condemned who before long , would give up on the chopping block the seat of a neck adjoining the body in a position connected to that preceding takeoff ”.

What is more, Serge Lutens seems to have wanted to maintain the mystery because he did not wish to reveal the composition of his new perfume. We just know that, contrary to what its name suggests, Flower Executioner does not contain any flowers. It is a particularly powerful fragrance, intended for initiated consumers of fragrances.

This very personal juice releases a sustained smell of wood and smoke. Through this composition, Serge Lutens evokes the relationship of love and hatred he had with his mother, a poisonous and devouring relationship symbolized by the photograph of a bouquet of axes that accompanies the marketing of this perfume.

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