La Crème Haute Exigence Evening, the anti-aging expert from Clarins

La Crème Haute Exigence Evening, the anti-aging expert from Clarins
La Crème Haute Exigence Evening, the anti-aging expert from Clarins
La Crème Haute Exigence Evening, the anti-aging expert from Clarins

Over time, the skin changes and loses its bounce, elasticity and radiance. These changes are linked to hormonal changes but also to external aggressions. Indeed, the skin is the first bulwark of your body which is confronted with the surrounding world, high temperatures, pollution … Also, it should be protected day after day to maintain its well-being over the long term. This is why Clarins has developed the Haute Exigence Evening Cream .

The advantages of La Crème Haute Exigence Soir

The High Demand Evening Cream has an anti-dark spot effect and thus meets one of the essential needs of the skin as it ages. It has the immediate effect of sublimating fragile skin and providing a solution to skin modified by the action of hormones. Thanks to it, the skin is redensified at all levels and the complexion is more uniform and luminous. Night after night, your face regains its radiance. Its oval is redesigned. It’s like topspin and your face looks more awake than ever, like after a good night’s sleep. Clarins cream moisturizes and nourishes durably. It is ideally designed for daily use and is dermatologically tested to show no signs of allergens.

The magic ingredients of Clarins

Shea: the star product of the entire Clarins Multi Intensive range , shea is also present in the Haute Exigence Evening Cream. King of the African savannah, it is a sacred tree very popular with women. Its nuts make it possible to obtain the famous shea butter. The latter is recognized for its cosmetic virtues and its regenerating and protective properties.

Ginkgo Biloba: this is an ancient botanical species, the only tree to have survived the bombardment of Hiroshima. In other words, Ginkgo Biloba has extraordinary resistance. Also, it is precisely this strength that Clarins has extracted from this plant to integrate it into its care.

The rose: this plant considered the queen of flowers comes here to deliver all its aroma. It reveals its rich and feminine flavor and deploys more than 400 different volatile components in the Haute Exigence Evening Cream.

Himalayan jasmine: it helps soothe skin weakened by age thanks to its active molecules while adding a rich and opulent scent to this cream.

Tamarind seeds: tamarind is a typical African tree that produces seeds. The latter are widely used in cosmetology and optimize cell regeneration.

Selenium: this is an extract contained in the tomato. The latter is a natural antioxidant. Thus, it helps the body to get rid of toxins and helps speed up cell renewal.

The Haute Exigence Evening Cream is therefore a natural concentrate combining the best of each plant to deliver exceptional care to take care of the skin day after day, making every night a restorative moment.

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