La Cologne du Parfumeur, the timeless know-how of Guerlain in a Cologne

La Cologne du Parfumeur, the timeless know-how of Guerlain in a Cologne
La Cologne du Parfumeur, the timeless know-how of Guerlain in a Cologne
La Cologne du Parfumeur, the timeless know-how of Guerlain in a Cologne

Guerlain Perfumer’s Cologne, a timeless fragrance

The Guerlain family has arguably one of the most enriching stories in France. At its head, four generations of perfumers have succeeded each other, passing on their passion for the finest raw materials to one another. The Guerlain family knew how to preserve the expert gestures linked to this precious profession, to make, even today, timeless perfumes, stemming from a rich heritage while being turned towards the future. However, this is precisely what is in question in the perfume Cologne du Parfumeur. Designed in 2010, this juice gives off a fresh and contemporary scent while being the result of a long artisanal history. So, how about diving back into Guerlain’s old grimoires?

The colognes of yesteryear

The Cologne du Parfumeur is a recent fragrance that one would believe, however, to come from the last century. Indeed, at the beginning of the 20th century, men and women almost exclusively perfumed themselves with Eaux de Cologne. Perfume as we know it today is much more recent. At the time, Eaux de Cologne shone with their freshness, even if these juices had a sorely lack of tenacity. Here, with the Cologne du Parfumeur, Guerlain brings back this heavy olfactory past. This composition evokes the refined and luxurious toilets of the Belle Époque. Imbued with nostalgia, the Perfumer’s Cologne can easily be imagined worn on the handkerchief of a dandy, in the fan of an elegant woman, on a pair of gloves or in the fold of a romantic letter.

La Cologne du Parfumeur, a timeless and refreshing fragrance

Like all Eau de Cologne, the Perfumer’s Cologne releases a very fresh and invigorating scent. To evoke the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear, Thierry Wasser, official perfumer of Guerlain, chose to start his composition with an alliance of bergamot, a rosé accord and a greener breath. The galbanum, meanwhile, here adds a herbaceous scent to this composition, while illuminating orange blossom. The timeless elegance of this fragrance is indisputable. His recipe finally ends with a touch well known to perfumers: that linked to the purity of white musks.

The art of flaconnage according to Guerlain

Finally, the Cologne du Parfumeur also honors all of Guerlain’s mastery of flaconnage. Its bottle is the result of techniques carefully acquired over the decades. Here, it is a modern reinterpretation of the mythical bee bottle by Guerlain, originally designed for the Eau de Cologne Impériale in 1853 for the Empress Eugenie. The Cologne du Parfumeur comes in a cylindrical bottle, covered with many bees, a symbol of royalty under the Old Kingdom. Its dome, meanwhile, is decorated with many rounded tiles, as if to evoke the tiles in the Tuileries garden. Finally, a white embossed label inscribes his name on its front face, while bearing the emblems of Napoleon.

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